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    For new guitarists.

    Hey! I just thought it would be nice to make a thread for those people who are just starting to play guitar or have started it awhile ago and want to get better. I would like this chain to be a place, where people who are experienced in playing the instrument, would drop in to give a piece of...
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    Audio interfaces and Mic preamps

    Hey! I have this Tube Microphone preamp made by Alto and I was wondering if I can use it with my audio interface... The audio interface has preamps also. Do the two different preamps cause problems if hooked on at the same time.... My microphone is a condenser microphone so I need phantom...
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    Spot delays for vocals

    Hey! I am trying to record spot delays on vocals. This being end of a verse where I want the last words to ring few times after they're said How is this done, is it done by cutting the sentence from the vocal track and pasting it on a different track? Or is it done by using delay and envelopes...
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    Dust in my Shoes

    Another projeckt nearing the end.... only a guitar solo left to record.... and mayby spot delays into the ends of some verses
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    Dead Poet

    First version of the song =) Now critizism...constructive please =)
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    Check out my band!

    Our first "EP" came out few months ago called Beg for More, the band is called Wasted Puppets. We have our stuff on spotify, iTunes, Amazon etc. and the title track Beg for More can be found from soundcloud also Our first Music Video was released on june...
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    Opinnions of these lyrics.

    I don't know if it'll make any difference but I tried writing slightly different lyrics than what I normally write and was just wondering how you guys see them? Dead Poet An empty paper Quill and ink on the floor Blood on the carpet The moon gives a wink trough the window Silence in the halls...
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    Another frustrating problem.

    Alright, reaper has done it for me again.... I love this software but lately it has given me a bit of grief. Here's how it goes. I am laying down guitar tracks and I'äve recorded to lines and everything goes smoothly and playback is fine. Then suddenly when I press play, it freezes for a...
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    Presonus USB audiobox package

    Okay it's time for me to update some of the gear... I found this package from a local music dealer called Presonus Audiobox bundle and it comes with these: - Presonus USB Audio interface with two balanced XLR/TRS inputs with seperate trim controls for both channels and a main control and a...
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    Hooking up stomp boxes to audio interface.

    The title says it all. Is this a good idea? I have yet to try this as I've gotten my tones from software simulators.
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    No output device.

    Hey! I have a strange problem with reaper.... It loses the output device. It occurs like this: I am recording and mixing and everything is fine. Yet when I shut reaper down and reopen it there is no output device anymore... I need to restart my computer to get it to recognize it again...
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    Not a topic about who is your favorite drummer.

    Hi! Just thought of starting a fun topic,to get to know everyone better as I am a newbie here :P If you could get a mixture of three drummers in one drummer who would those three be? (and any drummer who says "ME" is going to he*l :P) I will start, mine would be these: (and to clarify I play...
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    Recording guitars.

    HI guys! I've been recording guitars for my new song trough Guitar Rig 4 and I am just slightly dissappointed with the sound. Well not the sounds exactly the program produces cool sounding amp simulations I mainly use the orange and marshall simulations for distortion and vox and fender for...
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    Roland NT1

    Hi! I need a decent mic for vocals and recording acoustic guitar parts, mainly steel string. I found this Rode NT1 bundle which comes with a mic, cable and a pop filter for 185 euros( about 240 dollars), which is cheap very cheap for that kind of mic I think. I was just wondering if any of you...
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    Greetings to you all!

    Hey! I'm 29-year old musician from Finland. I've been playing, making and recording music since the early 90's as a hobby. I started out by using these tracker software, Impulse -and Fast Tracker, and as the technology progressed I upgraded my software. I had a pause from the mid 2000 to 2010...