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    Rare pair of RFZ eq’s

    Those RFZ fb-80’s come ...pré-wired ...w/ schematics ...& PSU. Nervous @ 10khz or peaky @ presence setting, you ´ll like its Pultec-style in the lows. 700 usd inc. shipping. Feel cool : I have 5-star ratings over +3 other platforms.
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    Hi, ´have to let go those precious modules •HS-10 •TS-10 . You can send me your email or straight 500 usd over paypal +336 3 6 1 9 1 6 9 3 . Bless up. You won’t regret it!
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    Best vintage Neve filters + casing

    Hello y’all, So as to fund a large run of CD’s, am regretfully selling 2 class A, 80 series Neve’s ( model 2067 & 2081). You can use them disengaged to take advantage of Marinair tx’s inside! V. Rare, as is it’s 3U PSU (Spectra :: Rocket-scientist Dilley!) alongside this wooden +4U long casing...