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    New song Please review

    Hello All Please review My latest attempt for song structure melody and lyric The recording is still very rudimentry and needs a great deal of work Ive ripped this thing to shreds so many times an rewrote rewrote rewrote . Its called Life after 40
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    The formula for a "hit song"

    I found an article written by John Mayer in Esquire Magazine with a comentary on writing a hit Enjoy! THen explain what he means " minor, 6,4,1,5":):confused::D Ever wonder why a lot of the big hit songs on the radio sound the same? That's because there are only so many combinations of chords...
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    Recording moniter question

    I have some Pevey PR 15 and Pr 12 Speakers with my PA Are FOH speakers considered suitable for recording? My other option is some SPL 3000 home stereo speakers I have. Im sure this has been posted a bazillion times throughout this forum but was hoping for a specific answer re my speakers and...
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    Duet Vocal recording

    I was listening on my ipod to some different duets today and heard an interesting spatial arrangement . It was Brad Paisely and Dolly Parton singing "when I get where Im going" and it struck me as different because on my headphones the vocals were seperated slightly with panning , Not hard...
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    Life after 40

    A country styled ballad with slow picked guitar chord progression D/A/Bm/F#M/G/A/D I Need a Bridge chorus Lyric and perhaps you good folk can give a suggestion or two Chord Progression F/G/D/A F/G/D/ F/G/Asus2/ A Ive been singing it in a Brooks and Dunn "style" Life after 40 Copyright...
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    Midi question

    Hi all Ive got a couple questions that I hope have generic answers First Im using Makie Traction 2 , usb interface and a Yamaha E403 Keyboard Im a complete noob to midi but was able to get the keyboard sequencing notes on a midi track in traction from the yamaha sound menu Traction comes loaded...
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    Behringer xm8500 vs sm58 vs sennheiser e935

    Now dont you purist get all bent outa shape Im just stating observations and asking questions. Im in a small 3 piece band and we all have our own dynamic mics for shows and I did a comparison between the three above mentioned mics . with identical gain settings etc I found that my Xm 8500 was...
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    Helping out a friend re a strat valuation

    A friend of mine has asked me if i knew what value his 80,s Jap strat would have I was hoping some of you fine folk would know Ser # E836449 Made in Japan standard 3 single configuration I realize value is dependant on condition so assume its avg thanks DD:)
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    What makes a good bridge?

    Is there a thoery behind what makes a bridge fit ? for instance if there is a three chord progression is there a logical bridge that fits? Is there a generic description of what the vocal melody is doing in comparison to the body and chorus of a song that could be used? Please feel free to use...
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    why are musicians so freakin pigheaded

    Im amazed at how thick some people can be , I play in a three piece irish type band and do 90 % of the singing , I have a band mate that seems to need to reintroduce the song after ive done my spiel and its driving me bonkers . You try to say something witty and build a rapore with your audience...
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    advice on market value of jc120 pls

    hi im hoping someone could give me some input on what a jc120 is going for nowadays, im considering trading it for a tube and want to be sure im valing it correctly tks
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    trading my jc120

    hello all im trading my old faithfull jc120 and am curious what market value is for a used one nowadays ? appreciate your input
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    Divers Lament

    Im very new to all this recording and songwriting but enjoy it I used to be a commercial diver and felt a need to express my opinion of our subsea environmental situations I observed up here in Nova Scotia I can only imagine what bigger cities have going on..... Anyway it is the first song I...
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    looking for owners manual and schematics for rode nt2

    If anyone has a copy of the manual or a schematic Id e gratefull for a copy DD:D
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    Help with a Rode NT2 problem

    Hello all I just received my ebay purchased RodeNT2 today and have a few questions I was unpleasantly suprised to hear a ratteling sound coming out of it when handeled and decided to disassemble and investigate the noise before powering it up and potentialy causing damage I found the center...
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    depth of field how to's?

    Im wondering how you achieve that depth in the recoring mix that some of you have got down very well? I listen to my and some others recordings and the instrument track and vocal track seem to be vying for the same placement depth wise where as some recordings really have a wonderfull...
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    Does your original idea usualy survive composition?

    Im also curious about the longevity of your ideas, for instance Ive written a piece and it was a basic acoustic guitar, up tempo, relatively percussive arrangement but found it straying to a smoother piano arpegiated and almost meloncholy song and then back to where i began when i wasnt...
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    How do you remain original

    I am curious whether most songwriters embrace or avoid listening to other musicians when you find yourself in the writing groove. Do you feel that listening to others music colors or influnces what you create ?
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    Feedback on this original appreciated

    Walk A Mile In My Shoes Baby Youll Get Sore Feet Is This Trash Can The Lucky One I Might Get Somethin To Eat You See Me In My Shabby Clothes I Know I Make Your Skin Crawl Just In Case Your Wondering I Was Just Like You Before The Fall I Had Me A Real Good Job A Nice Car And Lotsa Toys Too...