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    L-20 Livetrak Not Showing in Pro Tools (no audio from computer either)

    Funny thing is, it all started when I accidently changed the buffer size in Pro Tools (Ultimate), by accident (on a project), and could not log back into to Pro Tools to change it. Finally got it changed back to 512 (buffer size), then the interface failed to exist. Re-downloaded the drivers and...
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    Protools 12.8.1 "not responding" and getting "9173" errors when it does boot

    Protools 12.8.1 "not responding" and getting "9173" errors when it does boot As the title says......sometimes pro tools won't boot, states not responding. Other times it will boot and when I get to the dashboard window, it won't respond, other times it does. Lately, I have been getting 9173...
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    I have just purchased a new desktop and within the next week I wil be ordering/installing a IEEE 1394 Firewire 400 card (was told to get one with a texas Instrument chipset - SIIG), in an empty PCI slot - want to connect my uncrated Mackie 1220i and may require some fellow user knowledge for...
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    Mackie 1220i connection using Expansion Slot

    Went to put everything together (Mackie 1220i to laptop), yesterday and noticed I dont have 1394 Firewire port to my HP laptop. But I do have a Expresscard Expansion Slot. Been doing some digging around, called Mackie and Startech for info regarding using the Startech EC13942 Adapter Card, and...