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    im a new bee cakewalk audio pro

    my name is jack and I live in new orleans needing help on cakewalk audio pro 9 back in the 90,s when someone needed help on cakewalk a hand full of us knew almost all to get the computer going. glad to help but today is a lot different I ask to find a forum full of cakewalk lovers and found very...
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    cakewalk audio pro 9

    does anyone know the procedures to loading cd with midi songs in to the song list/directory
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    cakewalk audio pro 9

    im new to this forum but not to cakewalk that is old cakewalk. I delt with dos 3.0 and up but as u know its way dangerous to be on stage with this program so im now trying to put my cd of midi songs into the cakewalk program I now have. with dos it use to be you put disc in alt f then save as...