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    Article: A Modest Perspective on Home Recording

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    A Modest Perspective on Home Recording

    As we slowly grind our way into 2013 one thing is clear--there has never been a better time to record at home or build a modest studio. With continued improvement of digital technologies, the streamlining of "all in one" wonder units, sensible product design, integration with tablet/iPad...
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    Opinion: What Makes an Engineer Great?

    Here's a discussion we should have: what makes a recording engineer GREAT as opposed to merely good?
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    Awesome Sounding Death Metal Project

    Just finished with a death metal project and figured some people would like to check it out. Props out to MassiveMastering for mastering this project!
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    Some Blues & Rap Projects

    If anyone is interested here are some of the projects I completed recently: SANDY DEVINE: Can you believe this chick is white and in her early 20's? Instruments recorded live in a single take in the same room. Vocals overdubbed immediately after. Whole thing took less than 4 hours. The cool...
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    Tribute to Manos: The Hands of Fate (MST3K Content)

    Disclaimer: I hate techno/dance music. A friend of mine joked that someone should do a cheesy dance song based on the "Torgo Theme: Opus I" from Manos-The Hands of Fate, infamously known as the worst movie ever featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000. So I popped in my DVD copy of Manos and...
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    Cure Cover - 100 Years

    I'm back.
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    The Siefer Vs. Cloneboy Mix

    The Siefer has attempted to throw down a challenge. He's recording a band next week. I'm recording three. The challenge is who can have the better mix of a single song. Just to be fair, since he's merely a part-time recording person, I will pre-pick the band I'm submitting: Ioni Sky, an...
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    First Mix in the New Studio

    I know I don't post a ton of stuff to share, but these clients were cool with it. I told them I wanted some second opinions on the mix before making it final. As usual, I put a boffo master on it back at home (not to be confused with a real mastering job). Breaking in a new studio to work at...
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    Stereo Miking Timbales

    At a drummer's request I am going to be creating a magnum opus percussion ensemble to compliment a rock production. However, what I need is advice on stereo miking timbales. The timbales must be recorded in such a way as to accent the rock song's inherent shuffle. I am also going to be adding...
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    Feedback on Studio Equipment List

    This is my near-final equipment list. Any gear heads that want to comment/critique while I make sure that this is indeed what I want/all needs are being met type setup. Note that this is only centered on the recording gear. Cabling/patchbays and a few instruments are on a seperate budget and...
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    My 70's synth music

    My 70's synth music (not dance or techno) I figured I should share one of my own songs with everyone. The stuff I do these days is mostly based on 70's electronica like Gary Numan, Peter Gabriel, Kraftwerk and so forth. For the most part I even use 70's analog keyboards so the sound is...
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    Beginning to Dislike Analog...

    I'm a fairly analog guy. Up until 4-5 years ago I had nothing but disdain for digital mixers, digital recorders, plugins, softsynths, virtual analog, DAW's, audio software and the concept of doing music "in the computer", physical modeled guitar amps, etc.... Around 1999-2000 digital hard disk...
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    Favorite Software Mastering Chain

    Just wondering what everyone's favorite software mastering chain is. Lately I've been using: Waves MaxxBass > Waves Renaissance EQ 6 > Waves C4 Compressor > Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
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    Jesse Michael Garcia Mix Contest #1

    Alright songwriters and tunesmiths, time to take off your thinking caps and put on those duncecaps because it's the JESSE MICHAEL GARCIA MIX CONTEST #1!!! RULES: 1.) Unlimited entries per songwriter! 2.) Winner is determined by the ability to best capture and reproduce the unique creator vibe...
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    Way Too Loud Mastering

    So I was mixing down a client's session tonight and they wanted a 'pseudo' master so they had something to listen to, show friends, etc before they have a mastering engineer hit it up. Just as a service I will oomph up the volume and give a relatively basic master to clients that request it...
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    Latest Live Project

    I recorded a local punk band live. I thought it was a pretty good effort for a live recording without any overdubs, samples, triggers or Drumagog. Only annoying aspect is the band wanted it a little brighter than what I originally mixed--which had a bit more low end. However--the customer is...
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    Self-Styled Masters

    Why is it that people that barely know how to record their own music, and don't know how to mix, all think they can "master" their recordings? I don't get it. I don't think they even know what the process means. I think they just heard they had to do it, and it has something to do with being...
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    Session From The Bowels of Heck

    Just got out of an excruiciatingly bad session. This one was tragic. Three piece rock band--drums, guitar, bass. Guitarist and bassist sing. Both of the singers were FIRST RATE--total pro's that cut awesome vocals in a few takes that sound amazing. Guitarist was pretty good--definately...
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    TC Helicon VoiceOne 2.0

    Anyone own one or familiar with one? I'm looking at getting a pitch corrector and harmonizer, and the voice modeling algo's look/sound pretty good on the demos. I'm going to be opening up a pro studio and I *KNOW* that I will be polishing more vocal turds in the future. In fact, I want to tap...