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    Thunderbolt vs Pcie ?

    I've seen both Motu and UA have thunderbolt interfaces . What's the difference between TB and Pcie ? Is it only the speed ? What I know there is not so many PC mobos with TB ports , or ? I wondering wich I shall buy for my next PC build ??? PS . Is TB going to replace Firewire ? DS .
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    HDD for audio projects .

    I bought some new HDD´s . Which of these 2 are best as project drive ? 1 : WD RE 4 500 GB 2 : Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 1TB What I can see in the spec the difference is sata 6Gb/s on the Seagate and sata 3Gb/s on the WD . Someone who knows more than I do ( I´m stupid at PC ) about HDD´s ???:)
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    Scratch drive ?

    Hi, new at this forum . What means with one drive that write and one that reads ? PS. I shall intruduce myself later DS.