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    RCA switcher = rocket science?

    Guys this thing seems simple enough but I can’t get the thing to work how Id like. I’m trying to get input 3 and 1 to play at the same time but no luck. I spent like an hour flipping every switch and moving the monitors from monitor out to tape out. Anyone know exactly the way this works? I just...
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    MSR-24 vs TSR-8 vs 238

    Hey all I have the opportunity to trade for a Tascam MSR-24, or a Tascam 238. The 238 has been rebelted and serviced, but I don't believe the caps have been replaced. I also have a TSR-8 on the line but I would have to wait til the cash comes along, as the seller is not interested in a trade...
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    Tascam 688 won’t read tape and play

    Hey there, I’m planning to pick up and repair a 688. The problem with it is that it works perfectly for about two minutes then it starts to get all wonky and won’t play or read the tape. The magnetic heads go up and down confusedly and then stop. The rewind and fast forward features work, and...