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    Setting project new tempo

    I've recently recorded a jam session with a friend, which is made up of 3 tracks. 1 MIDI - V-Drums 2 Audio - Guitar 3 Audio - Vocals When i recorded, this was without the click enabled, or a BPM set - it was left at the default of 120BPM I'd like to start lining everything up with the grid...
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    i5 / i7 6th/7th gen for home production

    I’d like replace my current laptop with a mini PC for hobby home recording and production. Typically I record my Roland V-Drums, usually via MIDI, and/or input via my MIDI controller keyboard. Occasionally I record headphone jams via my V-Drums (MIDI), a guitar and vocals via the inputs on my...
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    Mixer output to laptop and headphones

    I’m not sure really where this goes but hope you can help! I have this budget Alto ZMX 862, which works fine for what I need most of the time – mostly headphone jams using my Roland V-Drums in Ch 3/4, XLR Mic in Ch1 and Guitar in Ch 2. Main Mix usually goes to a little headphone amp to split...
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    VDrums and cables - stereo/mono - balanced/unbalanced - help!

    Hi all I've just joined up and need some help with signal paths with my vdrums, guitars, mp3 player and a mixer. I used to be pretty knowledgeable about recording gear but have been out of the loop for a long time, so need a bit of a push in the right direction! Hope you can help Scenario 1 I...