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    Tracks won't arm for recording

    Hi I was playing around with my Sony Acid music DAW, and inadvertently did something to cause to cause the "arm for record" button to turn pale. It won't come back to its normal look and I cannot get any recording done at all. Obviously my fault. Any help. I'm stuck as of now. Don't know what to do
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    Reaper DAW, will it deliver all the "goods" in multi track recording?

    Hi I recently bought the license to use Reaper. Upon comparing to Sony Acid Music DAW, I realized that the equalization high end for Reaper was much higher than the DAW for Sony Acid Music. That, to me was a plus. Again my question for use of this software is would I need a multi channel mixer...
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    To use or not to use mixer

    Hi: Thus far, for recording tracks, I have simply connected the cable for my music instrument directly to my PC interface box, and used whatever signal processors (equalization, reverb, compression, etc) provided as part of Sony Acid Music software. But for many professional recording...
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    Presonus audio box does not sound right with acid music software

    Hi: I very recently bought a Presonus 1818VSL audio interface box, intending to record my music with Acid Music 9.0 multi[track recording software. After the computer program recognized the audiobox, I selected it and clicked OK. I tried to record a vocal track, testing my AT 4040...
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    Cost for mastering

    Hi: If I want my R & B songs in an album (10 songs total, 60 minutes total time) mastered, in what price range am I expected to pay for such work? Any ideas? Thanks. Patrick
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    Recording project charge. Any suggestions?

    Hi: I have been asked by a guy who write and records his music primarily to Africans, to help boost the music arrangement of music that he previously recorded. He did not like how some of the songs came out after he recorded them so he wants me to add more tracks and make it sound fuller...
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    What do I need now? About vocal recording.

    Hi I had my home recording studio set up in the basement room that I carved out of our basement open space. I put a lot of insulation on all the walls. The idea was to keep from losing heat in the winter from my baseboard heater in the room. The vocal recordings turn out really nice. Then my...
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    Pre-amp frequency range on PC interface versus equalization on recording software

    Hi: I am currently using Sony Acid Music 9.0 software for recording. I am considering getting a second generation PC recording interface box from Focusrite. The specs indicate pre-amp frequency range of between 20Hz and 20kHz which, to me, is pretty decent. However, the Acid Music software...
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    Advice on Bit Depth for recording

    Hi: I am using a Sony Acid Music 9.0 Software to record my music. Whenever I start a new song and I go to File > New, in the Audio tab, it gives me a choice of Bit Depth. The program has 8, 16, and 24-bit choices, but its default bit depth is 16, so I have always recorded with 16 bit depth...
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    Sony acid Music software not recognizing my Tascam 16x08 interface

    Hi: I connected my Tascam 16x08 interface with uSB cable to the same port that I have always used on my computer. Yet when I went through the sequence that I usually do (i.e. open Sony Acid Music Software, click on Options > preferences > Audio Device > Audio Device Type) everything was...
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    Issue with erasing section of tracks

    Hi: I have installed Sony Acid music 9.0 software on two lap top computers that I use for recording at two different places. They are both the same brand, Toshiba. I have an issue when it comes to erasing parts of recorded tracks if I need to edit or change something. For erasing a section...
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    Advice needed regarding fee for use of my music for TV programs

    Hi: I have composed some instrumental songs over a period of time. One of my friends who used to be a high-level television executive in Ghana, West Africa, has put together some TV programs and has expressed interest in using parts of two of my songs as introduction and/or transition music...
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    Help with Roland R8 drum machine operation

    Can anyone who owns a Roland R8 drum machine or knows how to use one well, respond to this? I have this drum machine, but I am having trouble getting sound to come out of the eight individual outputs (not the stereo outputs) at the back of the machine. You would think that the manual will tell...
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    Difficulty opening Sony Acid Music Files

    Hi: My Sony Acid music 9.0 software puts all recorded track information into a folder automatically into a folder named Sony Acid Music Projects. It is in "My Documents" folder on my computer. I also store that folder in a 1TB external hard drive. Yesterday, I tried to use a different...
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    Tascam 1641 PC Recording Interface

    I just bought a used Tascam 1641 PC recording interface. The driver has been there at TEAC - Global Site. I was hoping to get to download the driver for it off the internet at this teac web site. However, somehow what I was allowed to download did not have the setup.exe file with it. Tascam is...
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    Tascam US 16x08 Issue

    Hi: Hi: I just bought a brand new Toshiba Lap top computer to use in recording at home. I am using Sony Acid Music 9.0 as the software, and the interface box is Tascam US 16x08. I first downloaded the Tascam driver from TEAC-global online and installed. Even so, at this point I am not sure...
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    Reliable Audio PC interface to work with Sony Acid Music recording software?

    Hi: I was trying to use a Tascam US-1641 interface to record music with the Sony Acid Music 9.0 software. I have had all kinds of problems with the interface. I know it's the Tascam causing the trouble. I tried using Omega Lexicon interface but even though the software recognized the...
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    Need help with Tascam Audio PC interface

    Hi: I have two TASCAM Audio PC interfaces, US-1641 and US-16x08. I have them in two different locations so the plan is to record using my laptop computer depending on where I am at the time. The 1641 driver has downloaded and been installed a while ago. I just got the 16x08 and downloaded...
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    Roland R8 Drum Machine help

    Hi: I have an old Roland R8 drum machine. The back of it has mono/stereo outputs, headphone output and eight separate outputs. I want to be able to use the eight single outputs on the back for recording. Could someone please describe to me what buttons to press and in what sequence to do it...
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    Need help with Acid Music 9.0 recording difficulty

    Hi I have started recording with Sony Acid Music 9.0 on my laptop, and the interface is Tascam 1641. What is weird about recording with it now is that after I lay some tracks (especially ones using a microphone) the playback sound gets cut off when I try to record other tracks. I will then...