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  1. androo235

    SR-16 as midi-ed sequencer Drum-Module

    I have already posted to an old thread in another forum on this site about this and also started a new thread in a different forum, both before I noticed this forum. Well, I know it probably isn't protocol to post essentially the same thing, albeit, edited a bit to be more relevant to the...
  2. androo235

    Using an old Drum machine (Alessis SR-16) as a midi-sequencer driven drum module

    Yes, I know, this is years, three decades actually, on from the launch of the SR-16, but here goes. I have an SR-16 and I want to use it as a sound module driven by a sequencer in my DAW (Reaper). In theory I know this is possible as the 1991 video with Craig Anderton says you can use it as an...