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    Unusual instrument recording (diddly bow)

    Hi guys, I anyone recorded a diddly bow before? Doing a little session for a friend of mine's skiffle/bluegrass/folk weirdness band this weekend and we might be limited on time - any quick starter suggestions that might save me some time on this one? Looks simple enough but being homemade I...
  2. J

    Rock track - nearly there but something isnt sitting right.

    Not a problem. Sorted a file without the second acoustic in it - good spot on the drums, the top end had been bugging me. As mentioned in the original post - the vocal is not the final one, it's on a list of bits and bobs to tidy and/or re-record, so it is indeed a bit pitchy in places and...
  3. J

    Rock track - nearly there but something isnt sitting right.

    Been working on this mix this week - need some time away from it to come back and finish it off. Seems like something isnt sitting right balance wise but I've lost perspective a bit so I'm taking a break and putting it out to consultation. Vocals aren't final. It's been a while since I put a...
  4. J

    Vintage Dynamic mics

    I've been seeing a lot of older (60s & 70s) Sennheiser/Grundig mics based around the 408 and 409 capsules on ebay at the moment. I used the 408 on a couple of sessions a while back and liked the sound and there are quite a few older mics that have or claim to have the same capsule (whatever...
  5. J

    ADAT Audio interfaces

    I'm gonna be replacing my current laptop with a new one, but without a firewire port so I can't use my existing interface/mixer (no, I do not want to replace it fully because I also use it for live sound and like setting up monitoring quicly in the analogue domain). I have a variety of nice...
  6. J

    New music video - Rock - Simple Life

    Did this track for the Sixes and Sevens a while back, they went and did a music video: Enjoy! Track should be available sometime soon :-)
  7. J

    New track for a friend

    Did this track for a friend of mine recently, but I'm not quite final on a few things here but I think it's on it's way to a final version. Thought I'd give this forum a go for reference as I haven't posted anything on here before. I'd be interested to hear what you all think of my mix :)...
  8. J

    Effectiveness of Mass Loaded Vinyl for bass absorbtion

    Thinking about making some MLV type traps for the studio - the aim being to tame some low end resonances in my room (there's a build up 60-100hz ish). I'm not looking for broadband absorbtion here, just bass attenuation. So, does anyone here have any experience with using MLV for bass traps -...
  9. J

    Dealing with idiotic band feedback

    I've had a few bands over the last couple of years who have trouble articulating what they want with regards to mix revisions on projects - anyone here got any "top tips" on helping them say what they mean and not get their knickers in a twist? Seems to mostly be guitarists who have problems...
  10. J

    DIY Impulse Responses

    I've been playing around with a couple of old hardware reverb's and some other bits and bobs making impulses for reverb for a while now, is this something anyone else has had a go at/is interested in? They always need a lot of tweaking (specifically taking the room size/decay time right down in...