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    New Proper Techno Track

    Hello there, hope everyone's doing's a proper techno track that I completed just now...Would love to hear your thoughts on it (or your feedback for improvement) hope you'll like it! Thanks :)
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    Brothers In Arms (Dire Straits) Instrumental Cover Version

    Sounds great....was a big fan of this song back in my teenage days...Still like this song a lot!
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    A very Minimal Techno Track

    Hi there, just wanted to share a minimal type of Techno track that I made. Would love to hear your thoughts on it as well :) Thanks a lot!
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    love this. Great synth melodies and a very unique drum groove to support it. Really liked the section that starts at 1:50 as well...added a nice contrast!
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    Sorry for the late reply...I listened through a pair of Audio Technica headphones. BTW, I just listened to your Omenology track once again....excellent composition and guitar playing I must say. Great singing and voice. Made me want to improvise some guitar solos over it. I'm a guitar player as...
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    Acoustic bass on a Hip hop track?

    Hi dobro, thanks so much for your reply. I found the acoustic bass a LOT easier to mix (infact, I did not have to mix it at saturation, just balanced levels and did a slight boost at around 114 hz and a slight cut at the same spot on the kick as well) Visually, I did not look at it...
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    "Do It Or Die" (Atlanta Rhythm Section) band cover collab

    Great sound, guitar playing and soothing vocals!
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    Travellin' That Road - First Ever Lyrics

    It's a really nice song and I really like the lyrical content as well. It really suits the overall vibe of the track. Also, I really like the tone of your somewhat reminds me of Eric Johnson and his singing style (although, your singing/tone is very unique in it's own way, obviously) :)
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    Acoustic bass on a Hip hop track?

    Hi there, I was wondering what your thoughts are on using acoustic bass instead of a huge 808 bass in a hip hop beat. I completed a hip hop beat yesterday in which I experimented with this concept...since I always struggled to get the 808 heard in smaller speakers that have very little...
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    Dark Hip hop beat

    Hi there, hope everyone here is doing well. Just wanted to share this new hip hop beat that I completed today...Would love to hear your thoughts on it as well :) Thanks a lot !
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    Hip hop track with Funk elements :)

    Hey Papanate, thanks so much for taking the time to listen to the track. I appreciate your feedback. Yes, I agree with you about this track needing vocals. I'm working on a new hip hop style track and I'm planning to add a lot more vocals samples on that one. Will post that track here next week...
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    I ain't yo whippin boy!

    Amazing improvisation....So cool. Really enjoyed it!
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    Hip hop track with Funk elements :)

    Hi there, just wanted to share this hip hop track I completed yesterday. I think it''s a combination of hip hop and funk. Would love to hear your feedback/reaction on it. Thanks :)
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    Great performance....liked the bass guitar as well....bass levels are good !
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    Are mixing tutorials worth watching?

    Hi there, I was wondering what everyone here thinks about this topic: Whether mixing tutorials (especially on YouTube) are worth watching or are they simply a waste of your time? I recently came across a video on this topic and felt like it made a lot of sense: I think it's really interesting...
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    short clip (53 seconds) of a rockin' groove thing...

    love this....great vibe and intensity..when the drums come in, it gets even better...hope to hear more of your music! btw if you need a guitar solo for this, do let me know, I'll try my best to contribute (although you might need to tweak my guitar tone quite a bit to fit the track though :)
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    Demo | Looking For Feedback

    This one sounds really cool too...could we possibly collaborate together in the future? Hope to hear more of your tracks!
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    From The Unkown | Demo | Looking For Feedback

    Hey dgrswe, I really like what you've the drop and the build as well...hope to hear more of your tracks! btw I'd love to hear your feedback/reaction on my tracks as well!
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    A question about the audio waveform

    Thanks so much for your kind reply...I really appreciate it. Yes, I'm a fan of dynamics as well and over compressed sound just takes away all the vibe from a track!