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  1. elbandito

    High Pass ITB or at source?

    Hi all, I realize that slapping a high pass on everything is, generally, a bad idea. It can cause phasing issues in the low end, leading to a mix that sounds wonky down low. This said, I'm wondering how applying an HPF at the source might differ? For example, if I were to apply an HPF to the...
  2. elbandito

    Podcasts: Nugs of awesomeness, or Piles of aural poop?

    PODCASTS! Do you like 'em? Do you make 'em? Do you wish they never existed? Which ones do you like/hate and why? What's your personal ratio of podcast to music listening ratio? Importantly, which is your favourite RECORDING-related podcast that we should all have a listen to?
  3. elbandito

    To Buss or, Not to Buss?

    I had somebody ask me the other day whether they should be mixing from a buss strip, or whether they should just drop the effects on the individual tracks and mix from there. I had no answer for them... I realized that I do both, with almost no idea why I do this. Since then, I've been looking...
  4. elbandito

    Hilarious VSTs, or... WTF? There's a plug for that?!

    Here, I will compile a list of all the WTF plugs that I come across as I wander the net. The first installment is a 1U rackmount power conditioner plug and an Anechoic Room Simulator. About the power conditioner: lol. Link: Furman Power Conditioner VST The site for the Anechoic Room Sim...
  5. elbandito

    Can you say CREATIVITY?!

    This is some of the most outside-the-box, creative home recording ideas I have ever seen or heard of! For example, he 'cut' some sounds onto a CD with a sewing needle attached to a speaker (emulating the way old vinyl records were made) and then played it back on a turntable (IT WORKED!) and...
  6. elbandito

    Beginner/Entry-Level Options

    I've been recording music for years now. I started on a 2 track cassette recorder, moved up to 4 and then 8 track and then graduated to digital recording in the early aughts. These days, I feel that I'd like to take a few steps backward and get back to using tapes and analog equipment. A big...
  7. elbandito

    Single Mic Recording Challenge

    The other day, I decided to give myself a little challenge: Choose one mic and use only that mic to record every track. Further, do only one take of each instrument and use as little post-processing as possible. Finally, do everything you need to do in 24 hrs or less. For my first one, I chose...
  8. elbandito

    SansAmp ParaDriver & FMR RNC

    Asking $160 each. Will consider trades for or towards a SS/BS TAFM, Pigtronix Mothership or Lightfoot Labs Goatkeeper. SansAmp ParaDriver DI, practically new (3 months), with box, manual, warranty card, etc. It's about the BEST piece of kit you can put on your pedal board if you're a bass...
  9. elbandito

    FabFilter Pro-Q/Which EQ plug couldn't you live without?

    ...has got to be the best EQ plug around. Anybody else tried it? I'm rocking the demo and am absolutely LOVING it. This may be the first plug that I shell out some real cash for. It's the only thing I've tried that makes me feel like I can't live without it. haha. I got turned on to the company...
  10. elbandito

    Get Adobe Audition 3.0 free - Legally!

    Adobe is giving away the complete Creative Suite 2 (released in April 2005), which includes the Adobe Audition 3.0 audio editor, Photoshop CS2 and Premiere Pro2. To get your free copy of Adobe Audition 3.0, visit this page. Scroll down to Step 2 and follow the English version download link...
  11. elbandito

    Possible Noob Question Alert!

    So I've got a bunch of WAV files that I've created of horns that I've recorded. I've chopped them all up into individual notes and I'd like to be able to trigger and play them with my Korg NanoPad, in a fashion similar to the way an MPC works - if that makes sense. Basically, I'd like to load...
  12. elbandito


    Have you got some funny jokes to share? Drop them here! Two women are walking through the woods when suddenly they hear a voice say, "Ladies! Ladies!" They look around but don't see anyone. Then they hear it again. "Ladies! Ladies! Down here!" They look down and see a small pond with a frog...
  13. elbandito

    Three Exercises to Expand Your Vocal Range

    Thought some ppl might find this helpful: Three Exercises to Expand Your Vocal Range :thumbs up:
  14. elbandito

    How A Dynamic Microphone Works

    I subscribe to Recording Hacks' mailing list and today I recieved and email that's mostly about dynamic mics. Here's a portion of what was written: Insider SM57 Secrets The Shure SM57 was introduced in 1965. Audio technology has come a long way since then, with composite materials and...
  15. elbandito

    Collaboration, Anyone?

    I didn't know where else to put this, so I'm dropping it here: I'm looking to collaborate with someone who knows a thing or two about electronic music. I'm an old skool type of guy - I get frightened and confused by drum machines and synthesizers and inevitably, I either smash things or sell...
  16. elbandito

    Latency Using Analog Ins (US1800)

    When I plug my preamp into the US1800's 1/4" jacks on the back of the unit, I experience latency issues. When I use the spdif out on my pre, it comes thru without a problem. This seems strange to me. I'd figure that it'd be the other way around... Any ideas?
  17. elbandito

    Umm, excuse me? Automatic Mastering? ...What?

    Ever heard of this program? Curioza's Auto Audio Mastering System Seems like it could be a great learning tool but to let an algorithm master my music on it's own? I'm not so sure. The demo has a 21-day trial period, so I may give it a whirl and compare some stuff that I have had...
  18. elbandito

    The Well-Balanced Mic Closet - Recording Mag

    A fun-to-read article about microphone types by class and price range. Everything your mic closet needs, and then some... By Paul Stamler
  19. elbandito

    Recording Acoustic Guitar - 21 Mics, 1 Guitar, 1 Song.

    Recording Acoustic Guitar—Comparisons of Dynamic, Condenser, and Ribbon Mics on Acoustic From The Hal Leonard Recording Method: Microphones & Mixers, 2nd Edition, this is an amazing grouping of microphones, all on the same guitar with the same musical part. The sonic differences between the...
  20. elbandito

    Making a live recording sound more "live"

    I work out of a venue, in which we track bands to a 24 channel digital board. Because we close mic everything on stage, I will often set up my H4n out somewhere in/above the crowd to capture some of the room ambience and I'll blend that into my mix. On a recent recording, I did my usual setup...