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  1. Steenamaroo

    For sale: Mac Pro 12 core

    2009 MacPro 4,1, upgraded to 5,1 firmware. 2 X Xeon X5680 3.33ghz CPUs (delidded) - 12 cores total. 24 GB (3x8) 1333MHz DDR3 AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB Apple GT120 GPU (for recovery/boot screens) 256GB Samsung SM951 AHCI SSD on 4X PCI-E card(1) 256GB Samsung 970 EVO NVME on 4X PCI-E card(2) One...
  2. Steenamaroo

    By request...

    Cratinus - Gather up your people. :)
  3. Steenamaroo

    Did I ever tell you guys about the time...

    ...I pulled the neck off a 1972 Yamaha FG-180 and reset it, and replaced the bridge? There's a full gallery of images here. Edit: I own the server and wrote the page ^^. It's clean. ;) The bridge was replaced for two reasons. First, it had been sanded down to claw back some action, postponing...
  4. Steenamaroo

    Happy Birthday.........

    ...Mr. gecko zzed. Have a great one. :)
  5. Steenamaroo

    Motu 828mk2 gain pot replace/repair

    Hey all, Some of you may know that Motu 828mk2s have a known fault with their mic preamp 1+2 gain pots. They are obscure dual pots on a single wafer - both tracks are Rev Log, and one of them carries voltage. If I understand correctly, the material between the tracks breaks down (or...
  6. Steenamaroo

    Welcome to the MP3 Mixing Clinic.

    This is the place to submit your works in progress for community advice, opinions and general comments. It's also the place to get involved and offer advice, criticism, suggestions to others. You can attach your music one of the following ways: Attach an mp3 file to the post using the forum...
  7. Steenamaroo

    Firestudio mobile preamp fault.

    Hey all, Presonus FS Mobile 'developed' a fault years ago and I didn't really pursue it. It sat in a cupboard since and for some reason I decided to have a bash at it again. In short <sigh>, a damaged cable allowed pin 3 to sort to ground with +48 engaged - This is on preamplifier one. The...
  8. Steenamaroo

    Foley - Behind the Scenes

    Thought some of you might enjoy this video. :) Feet First Foley - Audient
  9. Steenamaroo

    Marketing FORUM GUIDELINES - 10/17

    The Marketing your Music / Publicity Forum is for discussions about marketing, promotion, copyright, licensing etc. The Show off forum is for sharing your completed works. The MP3 Mixing Clinic forum is the place to seek criticism and advice on unfinished works, or works you seek to improve...
  10. Steenamaroo

    Other new guitar weekend.

    I was going to put this in DIY but maybe it'd get more action here. I picked up a '72 yamaha acoustic a few weeks ago. It had a strange light patch on the top - was hard to make out if someone had tried to strip the lacquer or had stuck a film down on top of it. Either way the price wasn't too...
  11. Steenamaroo

    Shure SM80

    Saw this listing today...The guy has two SM80 omni capsules, which fit the same body as the much more common sm81. I look for these once in a while but this is the first time I've ever seen a pair available. Probably way overpriced but hey..I thought I'd flag them. Ebay Listing.
  12. Steenamaroo

    20 post thread

    FireZtreaM.....go nuts!
  13. Steenamaroo

    My Protools setup is fine.

    Just thought y'all might want to know.
  14. Steenamaroo

    Steenamaroo - Graceland.

    Hey guys..Remember me? :p I've started a tradition of sending a video cover version over to my family when they go to Africa each year. Last time I did Under African Skies so this time I'm doing the title track, Graceland. Next year it looks like I'm going to have to hire Ladysmith or Chevy...
  15. Steenamaroo

    Tape echo capstan / splice jump

    Hello folks.. Not often I'm in here..Hope you're all well! :) I've acquired a little WEM Watkins copicat mkIV. It's the later solid-state copicat tape echo. It's all looking and sounding good. I've cleaned the heads and path with 99% and all moving parts seems clean and free too. However...
  16. Steenamaroo

    SUBFORUM GUIDELINES. Welcome to the "Can I sing" sub forum.

    This is the place to post your vocal clips and ask for starter advice, reassurance or confirmation. It's also the place to discuss vocal techniques and compare notes with other singers. Members are encouraged to be specific and ask structured questions. Straight forward 'Check out my clip'...
  17. Steenamaroo

    pedal PSU buzz...again

    Hey all, I have a few pedals and small transistor amps which all work perfectly with an old generic 9V 500ma PSU that I have. I only have the one PSU for all devices, though, and i'd like to have a spare. I ordered up a few 'noise free' psus of equivalent spec and found that they all buzz like...
  18. Steenamaroo

    Speaker L-pads

    Hey guys, Can anyone tell me a little about low wattage speaker attenuation? I want to have a final output volume control on a 1watt amplifier. The problem is I can find suitable lpads, or values for stepped attenuators, but they are always specific to 8ohm speakers or 4ohm speakers. My amp's...
  19. Steenamaroo

    Anyone got a Bodhran?

    Hey all, Wondering if some kind soul could record me a couple of short simple bodhran loops. Hit me up, I'll send you an mp3 of what I need. :)
  20. Steenamaroo

    Who wants to talk about mains hum?

    Hi all, You may remember I recently asked about a Kawai DX900 organ with a bunch of missing notes? Well, I sourced and replaced a few of the divider chips and have restored this thing to full functionality. :) The only real problem is there's a bit too much noise for recording, so I was...