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  1. Supercreep

    EDrums generally, and Roland TD-50kv and Alesis Strike Pro SE specifically

    I've played acoustic drums for decades. I don't have a studio anymore, and I can't put any of these microphones and preamps to work... So I'm looking at electronic drums. I'll record midi and use SD3 for sounds when recording. I'm aware of the latency difference between the two products, and...
  2. Supercreep

    Stone Temple Pilots with Jeff Gutt

    Thoughts on this? I used to dig on STP back in the 90s. Scott Weiland died unsurprisingly. Jeff seems to be doing a pretty good job covering old stuff and writing new stuff too. I tried to make a poll, but somehow ate a bag of dicks.
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    I am experiencing a sadness.
  4. Supercreep

    Selling most of my instruments and recording gear

    See thread in "For Sale" forum below..
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    Distressor, Great River MP2NV, Recording Desk, bass traps, Deluxe American Strat..

    Rickenbacker 360-12, Josephson C42 set, pair of AT 4050s, Fender Supersonic half stack, motionsound 12" rotating speaker remote cab, Roland Juno 106 (not working, maybe for parts) Bass pod pro and assorted rack candy... Make me decent offers before they all go up on the 'Bay.
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    Oh Hai There

    Did I miss anything?
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    Perfect condition Deluxe American Stratocaster, Rickenbacker 360-12, etc.

    Supersonic half-stack in blonde tolex, JC-120, Distressor, and at least one other thing I am forgetting. Before I put these up on the local craigslist or eBay I wanted to give HR folks an opportunity. Please make reasonable offers, I am not desperate or fleeing the country. -SC
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    WestFest June 17-19 2016, Sacramento California

    PM me for details.
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    RIP Lux Interior

  10. Supercreep

    Who wants some bass traps

    I sold the studio and am trying to get rid of most of the things in it. First up: Many fucking bass traps. These are framed ReadyTraps in 2x4x4" configuration and some huge ones in 2x4x8" for corners. I don't want to ship anything, but maybe you've got some ideas. If I know you and...
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    Sold the house, sold the studio

    It's all gone. :( I have a million bass traps and lots of gear I can't really use any more. Loved the studio but I just couldn't stay.
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    Craigslist Musician Ads

    I fucking love these, but this kind is my favorite: Established band seeks bass, drums and singer - Clap the Spigot is holding auditions. PROFESIONAL musicians only between the age of 17-19, no drugs or drama. Must have gear transportation and p.a. system. YES IF THE AD IS STILL UP WE ARE...
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    Full Album: Explorer And in UHQ: So, this is what LPC has been doing for the past couple of years. The songs were written to flow one to another, and we...
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    I think I am ready to let some stuff go

    I will post it here for a little while and then it's going up on craigslist and ebay. The strat and the supersonic have been gigged two or three times. Everything else has just lived in my studio. I am interested in making some creative trade for the right Mesa Boogie, ideally a Mark V. 1...
  16. Supercreep

    Rappers Delight

    top kek ---------- Update ---------- That's lame.
  17. Supercreep

    Anybody know where I can collaborate with some young rappers?

    Seriously though come to WestFest.
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    It's time for a new car

    I understand there is a new Camaro out in the Fall. I can't get the stingray because I'm a faggot, but the 2SS has the same suspension stock, I think. Any strong opinions about the new Camaro?
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    Nave Generator

    The (re)formation of pop culture opens a space for the construction of a new self-realization, but with it the systemization of the self as a commodity. Write Your Own Academic Sentence
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    Ok westfest

    July 10-11 Sacramento CA Because on July 12 we will be cleaning up and regretting certain life choices. PM me for details.