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  1. Steenamaroo

    When a 900mps fibre line is pointless?

    It'd be worth doing a speed test on a reliable site from both locations, just incase wifi is a bottleneck at one, or both, setups. 14GB over around 15 minutes is more like 120/130mbps downloads. If your speed tests are showing 900 down, or anywhere close, then your wifi's good and most likely...
  2. Steenamaroo

    Need suggestions for starting my home studio.

    For the software, is there a reason you list ProTools 9, or 10? I haven't checked the specifics but these are both very old versions - Maybe 10 or more years old. Chances are choosing one of these would tie you to an older operating system and certainly there wouldn't be any further updates or...
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    Global warming seems like more of a Prime Time topic - Best to stick to chargers here, I think.
  4. Steenamaroo

    External Hard Drive for MacBook Pro/Logic Pro X with charging capabilities?

    No apology needed. It could be useful to someone reading back. Interestingly I switched computers from a tower to a Macbook Air in November, after your questions, and now run a setup with a small thunderbolt dock, and storage and audio interface hanging off that. :ROFLMAO:
  5. Steenamaroo

    Advice on a windows laptop to buy for music composition by a hobbyist musician

    OP, I'd imagine, but your specs make a point Dave. :) 620m is about 12 years old or thereabouts and gets outperformed by my laptop two laptops ago (i5, 2011). I'm prepared to bet you can fire up Reaper or whatever on that and get a good jam going. I keep a very old very dusty Core2Quad box...
  6. Steenamaroo

    Tascam DP-008EX.

    Broadly speaking condenser or capacitor microphones are more sensitive over all than dynamic microphones, and are usually more sensitive and detailed in the higher frequencies too. Often we use dynamic microphones for very loud sources, or in situations where we want to be able to get the...
  7. Steenamaroo

    Advice on a windows laptop to buy for music composition by a hobbyist musician

    Hi, What are the specs of your thinkpad? Any half way modern laptop should be more than capable for modest home recording/composing tasks.
  8. Steenamaroo

    Tascam DP-008EX.

    Those should work nicely. They have built in amplifiers, though, and accept line-level inputs, so you won't need an additional amplifier. Just connect those badboys up to the line outs of your recording device and you're good! :)
  9. Steenamaroo

    Tascam DP-008EX.

    No trouble, Colin. What are you hoping to do, in terms of recording/editing/mixing? The DP-008ex is a standalone recorder so a computer isn't really needed, if your needs are modest. If you want a bit more advanced control or just simply like the idea of recording with a computer then that's...
  10. Steenamaroo

    Tascam DP-008EX.

    Hi @Retired Tell us a bit more about what you hope to achieve. Amplifying your recordings to assess and 'mix' them, or to hear yourself better against backing music when practicing, or to playback a recording to an audience, is going to be three different sets of equipment recommendations. For...
  11. Steenamaroo

    Violn newby aged 74

    Thanks for the detailed introduction, Colin. Good to know you better! :) With regard to the instrument making we're in a wonderful era with the sheer quantity of instructional videos out there. When I first decided I wanted to make an acoustic guitar I also decided I didn't want to just have a...
  12. Steenamaroo

    Violn newby aged 74

    Hi Colin, Welcome to the forum. That's quite a lot to take on at once! We know you've never played an instrument before but do you have any experience in the other areas? Any experience in recording, or in instrument making or any kind of wood work? Having been down all of those roads, to some...
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    I suppose you need to work out if you're buying a library of audio files, or an instrument bundle of some sort. Usually when you buy some kind of virtual instrument it either comes with its own software or is designed to work with some existing software, Like if you buy Addictive Keys or Steven...
  14. Steenamaroo

    Old iMac for recording

    +1 to all that. This is a handy site for determining the real max ram values. "I think I have 2 or 3 years at least before the software won't work," If you're not concerned about being on the cutting edge you could get years out of it beyond that. I moved to M1 last year because I felt it made...
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    Where is SoundCloud?

    Yeah, seems like it's broken.
  16. Steenamaroo

    Rodepodmic and Scarlett 2i2 for voice recording, the static noise make me wonder my life

    +1 to needing an audio clip, and to such issues with a 2i2 not necessarily being what you should expect. I've been using a 2i2 for weekly voice chats with either sm7b or re20 with no issue at all other than, of course, the signal being relatively weak. I boost in software and all's good. Edit -...
  17. Steenamaroo

    Singing Critique Needed!

    Hi, and welcome! You might want to link to a soundcloud upload or similar. A lot of people are wary of downloadable attachments, particularly zips. You've got nothing to worry about with the singing and playing. I mean, everyone's always learning and improving but your singing and playing is...
  18. Steenamaroo

    Hard Drive Recommendations?

    It depends what you're using it for, in my opinion. I have photographer friends who backup terrabytes weekly, sometimes daily. This is a drive going on a shelf for a rainy day. It makes no sense for that to be SSD. In an ideal world they're never accessed again - They're insurance. For anything...
  19. Steenamaroo

    Hard Drive Recommendations?

    I'd avoid well priced 2.5" spinning discs in caddys. Quite often they're fake or refubs, depending where you buy. I've seen quite a few people get a 'great' deal on cheap storage only to have the drive crap itself a few weeks in. As Keith says, If you need something to sit on a shelf and get...