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  1. Mr. ROUSH

    My African Grey Parrot on the beat! lol

    Well, I've been working on a project this week and ended up inadvertently recording my African Grey parrot while tracking some vocals. Due to some logistics issues, he temporarily lives in the studio. For anyone who knows Greys, you know that's not ideal. He's a big talker, whistler, screamer...
  2. Mr. ROUSH

    Spectrum Analyzers. Great tool!

    I’ve seen a lot of negative criticism on the use of spectrum analyzers. That’s really unfortunate. I would encourage newbies to take full advantage. Our ears are the best analyzers we have at the end of the day. That being said, our ears need a reference to establish the ability to identify...
  3. Mr. ROUSH

    "just Somebody" Music Video.. hope you all will check it out.

    "Just Somebody" (Official Music Video) by: Mr. ROUSH - YouTube Thanks in advance!
  4. Mr. ROUSH

    "Down" by: Mr. ROUSH ft Ben Brashear on slide guitar.

    Muddy water delta blues anyone?! If you like this, download it and spread it around! Mr. ROUSH - Down by Mr. ROUSH "Down"
  5. Mr. ROUSH

    New Rap/HipHop Mr. ROUSH - "EVOLON"

    Mr. ROUSH - EVOLON by Mr. ROUSH Thanks for listening if you do.
  6. Mr. ROUSH

    Rosetta users / New user here with some questions.

    I'm interested in taking advantage of Rosetta's sample rate conversion feature. I use the Rosetta with a 003 and Pro Tools. Having never used an external ADC/DAC device, I'm at quite a loss here. Can I accomplish this by simply changing the sample rate and bit rate on the front panel of the...
  7. Mr. ROUSH

    Nowshi - "Refuse to Lose"

    produced, written, recorded, performed, mixed & mastered by yours truly. "Refuse to Lose"
  8. Mr. ROUSH

    gettin it off the chest.. "Who is U?" by: NOWSHI "Who is U" bit more explicit with this material than usual but I had to get it off my chest so it's mostly about the message.. on the musical side, you might like the sample I used from "Bitwannes Beek" by "Warda".. might be familiar with...
  9. Mr. ROUSH

    Audio Suite vs RTAS

    Ok.. Aside from the fact that applying effects to a track using audio suite is irreversable.. what are other advantages and disadvantages.. Do you feel there is any audible difference between the two?
  10. Mr. ROUSH

    Mic Input gain vs ouput vs mic input on digi 003 factory

    Ok.. something I have struggled with repeatedly is understanding gain staging.. specifically my trouble is that I don't think I truly grasp the application. My setup is a u87 through the isa220 into the digi 003 factory the isa provides 0-60db gain at the input stage and then the digi 003...
  11. Mr. ROUSH

    Metal Pop filters.. Good? Bad? Irrelivent?

    So with the last mic I aquired I got a metal pop filter.. I'm curious if this would cause undesirable results, or if it would introduce any change to the way a vocal is picked up.. I would just a to b them but I handed down my old sponge.. Any advice?
  12. Mr. ROUSH

    Calling Harvey Gerst / Vocals / Room treatment

    Hi Harvey.. I'm fairly new here.. I've been reading for years, but just started posting a few things here and their.. at any rate.. I just read your bio, and WOW! What an impressive resume.. So #1, I wanted to tell you how much I for one appreciate that someone of your status makes themselves...
  13. Mr. ROUSH

    New Website helps make decisions. I asked which mic to buy and..

    So just came out yesterday and is a site that helps people to make decisions based on a serious of questions it asks about the decision you're trying to make. The site uses input from it's members to arrive at these decisions based on popular answers provided from others making the...
  14. Mr. ROUSH

    MA-200 & isa 220

    Anyone have experience with this pair? I'm in love with the MA200 for vocals on everyone but myself.. the others I record have deeper voices tha me is the only conclusion I'm able to draw.. my question is where is the fix here? I know trying it out is the best way, but I don't have that...