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  1. Snowman999

    Early Brandi Carlisle

    I love Brandi Carlisle. Her debut album comes in a close second to Blue Angel, Cyndi Lauper's first band which is my favorite debut album. To promote her debut, Brandi played an Indian Restaurant in Philly with the brothers that tour with her. I brought in my camcorder and recorded the show...
  2. Snowman999

    AutoTune LIVE

    I sincerely did not know auto tune could be applied at a live performance. This video goes through Michael Buble's poorly autotuned performance on a live morning talk show. He was going to compare it to his live MSG performance. But, it turns out, autotune was being used there also. It's...
  3. Snowman999

    This is Just COOL

    Click on the link and run your mouse across the photos to see the same place 1944 and 2014. It's just COOL! 1944 - 2014
  4. Snowman999


    There's been some great Christmas albums released the past few years. Kacey Musgraves, SIA and this year The Pistol Annies (Miranda Lambert) This is a really cool pop Christmas song. While most people in the US have never heard this song. It was released in 1973, and for blocks of years...
  5. Snowman999

    Over A Decade RANT

    I collect Naoto Hattori artwork. He's a Japanese Pop Surrealist who creates miniature paintings, with incredible detail. I don't own any of these originals. But, the largest here is 4" x 4". The prints are a little larger. But, his originals are breathtaking. I have a room dedicated to his work...
  6. Snowman999

    Cascio WK 3300

    Go ahead laugh. It's a toy. A junk keyboard. I don't know. I just bought it today at a rummage sale for $5. That's right five dollars. It seems to have a 16 track sequencer in it. The coolest thing (I've only played it for about 5 minutes) it has the clefs in the screen. When you play the...
  7. Snowman999

    Does Your Cable Bill SUCK?

    I don't watch much TV. But, it's nice to have something. Where we live, comcast (a monopoly) is the only cable line into the house. For 13 channels it's almost $70 a month. For comcast internet, it's $150 + a month. Verizon Fios was almost $200 for internet and cable. Those are outrageous...
  8. Snowman999

    Heaven and HELL!

    We're finally getting settled in our townhouse, and there's positives and negatives. Positives: The area. After spending most of my life living and hanging out in NYC, I'm in the sticks. Yes, we're in a townhouse development. But, once we leave, we can get to our favorite shops by backroads...
  9. Snowman999

    Moving My Guitars

    I have an 86 black Les Paul that's my recording guitar. I play a Craviola acoustic, that I picked up in a pawn shop in Nashville for $50 or $100. I play the Hofner bass that replaced my Fender Precision. I have many more that have in hiding for years. We're moving. So, out of hiding. These are...
  10. Snowman999

    Never Too Old To Be WTF?

    I LOVE "Fooled Around and Fell In Love" by Elvin Bishop. That solo (the longer version kicks ass) is excellent. So, I've loved this song since it was a hit. TONIGHT after hearing Sylvia, I went to youtube and looked up Baker Street, We Just Disagree and Fooled Around... What did I find out...
  11. Snowman999

    Saddest Song EVER

    I've loved this song since it was released. But, my God is it DEPRESSING.
  12. Snowman999

    Grace Slick Had It Right

  13. Snowman999

    Bets Being Taken

    Lollapalooza happened this past weekend 4 nights with roughly 100,000 each night. This is from an article, and it basically says the same thing I heard on the news in NJ "Organizers required attendees to wear masks at any indoor spaces, and all guests had to show either proof of vaccination or...
  14. Snowman999

    My Recording Studio (This House)

    This is where the "magic" happened. There was a Roland G5 drum kit and Korg 264 also. Hey... it's called home recording. If anyone would like to hear some of the songs recorded in this majestic studio, here's a link
  15. Snowman999

    Coincidence? I Think Not

    Early this morning, I have the air conditioning on, and the flow is pointed at the rocking chair in front of the computer. I'm checking out a video on-line and as I rock back I get a high pitched sound in my right ear. When I rock forward it stops. I rock back, high pitch, forward it stops. I...
  16. Snowman999

    Moving To A Town House

    We're moving to a Townhouse that Karen inherited (it's free and lower taxes). We just have to sell this house. I'm worried about my music and movie sound reaching through the walls. I don't play anything loud. But, I am partially deaf (can't imagine why. Maybe it was maxing the volume with...
  17. Snowman999

    CD Baby?

    All these place basically lie to get your money. I wanted to ask some questions from CD Baby before I paid, and they couldn't be bothered to answer. So, I never bothered to put up Pretty Old Bones. Even though they don't bother to respond. I've read they're the cheapest place, because it's a one...
  18. Snowman999

    Common Sense Left The Building

    Just like Elvis Presley. You can't make this shit up. In Germany a folk singer was fined 3000 euros because his 4 year old son was on stage during his performance, and even did a 4-year-old interpretation of "What a Wonderful World". The singer broke child labor laws. He's appealing and this...
  19. Snowman999

    Who Is This?

    You probably won't know her real name. But, her TV name is FAMOUS. Even if you're young, this TV show is still on numerous channels.
  20. Snowman999

    Dark Shadows

    When I was a kid, I'd run home from school to be sure to see Dark Shadows. Besides the vampire/witchcraft/spooky aspect it had Lara Parker the most gorgeous vampire witch EVER - That's when you're a kid. It's a freakin soap opera. To see it as an adult it must really suck. I've known for a...