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  1. dachay2tnr

    Eagles Cover

    Fresh meat, men (and ladies?)! This is our version of the song Somebody, from the Eagles' Long Road Out of Eden album. Just got finished tracking it yesterday, so I'm looking for any feedback relative to the mix, or any other observations. TIA.
  2. dachay2tnr

    Playing Back Midi through Roland TD-11 E Drums

    Not sure where to turn for this one, but I’ll start in the midi forum. Last night I recorded a midi drum track into Sonar using a Roland TD-11 set. The Roland has a Midi Out connection, as well as a USB connection. I recorded using the Midi Out connected to the midi in on my audio interface...
  3. dachay2tnr

    A Little Less Wayback- Alan Parsons 1982

    This was recorded a couple of years ago. One of my band mates suggested I should post it for comments/suggestions. It's our take on the Alan Parsons Project song, Eye In The Sky.
  4. dachay2tnr

    Digital Audio Tape

    Update: See below photos.. seems these are DDS2 tapes, which apparently are a somewhat different animal than DATs. ——- Not exactly sure where to post this question, so if anyone has a better suggestion, let me know. Before I got into home recording, my group went into a local “professional”...
  5. dachay2tnr

    I Shall Be Released

    I'd be interested in your comments on this. It's a cover of a Dylan song. I think originally recorded by The Band on the Music From Big Pink album. Circa 1968. Anyway, any and all comments welcomed.
  6. dachay2tnr

    Doo Wop Accapella

    OK, I wasn't sure whether to even post this. Obviously not everyone's cup of tea. However, there are enough old farts on this bbs that I figured wtf. Not really looking for any feedback. This was recorded a few years back, and I'm not planning to revisit it. It was among my very first...
  7. dachay2tnr

    More From the Wayback Machine

    This one from 1966. Back in the days of early Beatles, Beach Boys, Four Seasons. Vocal forward groups. This is a cover of a song from a semi-obscure Jersey based group called The Critters. Song is called Mr Dyingly Sad.
  8. dachay2tnr

    A Little Petty?

    Tom that is... :D Nothing special. Basically recorded live with some overdubbed guitars. Timing might speed up as a result, but hopefully not egregiously.
  9. dachay2tnr

    Let's Get In the Wayback Machine

    From 1968. A cover of Orpheus' Can't Find the Time.
  10. dachay2tnr

    Anyone Watching The Beatles:Get Back?

    I’m about halfway through the 2nd episode. Curious as your take. While interesting, it seems to be way longer than it needs to be. But it does show a somewhat unvarnished side of the group. What’cha think?
  11. dachay2tnr

    Can't Find The Time

    Cover of an pretty old Orpheus song. Recently remixed.
  12. dachay2tnr

    Springsteen on Broadway

    So, anyone watch this yet? Your thoughts? I must start by admitting I’m a Jersey guy. That said, I’ve never been much of a Springsteen fan. I saw him at the local haunts well before he became famous. He was obviously talented even when he was a nobody. In fact, i liked his song material...
  13. dachay2tnr

    Guitar Setup - NJ

    Anyone have any recommendations for where to have an electric guitar setup in central NJ. I know of Raritan Bay Guitar Repair in Freehold, but it’s not real convenient for me. The internet brings up New Jersey Guitar and Bass Center in Edison, and Don’t Fret Music in East Brunswick. (And...
  14. dachay2tnr


    Anyone hear about this format? MQA - Master Quality Authenticated. Best I can gather it is a lossless format, but with much smaller file sizes than other lossless formats. Is it only for streamimg, or can you encode in that format? They say it can be packaged inside other lossless formats...
  15. dachay2tnr

    Planet Earth 2

    Anyone watching this? One of the best made nature documentaries. Stunning high-def photography. The complexity of life on earth is quite amazing. In all places, in all type of conditions.
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    If you like vocal harmony, t don't get much better than this. http://
  17. dachay2tnr

    Dylan Anyone?

    In honor of our new Nobel Laureate. :) Thoughts, comments, suggestions, rotten tomatoes? My own thought is that this could use some lead guitar noodling around the vocals throughout the song, and a bit of a lead in the interlude between the second and third verse. So if anyone wants to...
  18. dachay2tnr

    'Splain this one to me, Lucy!!

    :eek: :eek:
  19. dachay2tnr

    Alan Parsons Cover

    Appreciate your feedback on this one. It's my first attempt at doubling vocals, so I'm curious as to any thoughts on that aspect. Don't hold back. I've long since gotten past taking any of this personally. :) Eye In The Sky...
  20. dachay2tnr

    New Computer Build Not Working

    I am in the process of building a new DAW and have run into problems. The build consists of ASUS Z97-a motherboard. Intel i5-4590 processor. 8 gb Kingston RAM (2 x 4 gb). Thermaltake TR2 700w PSU. 1 tb Hdd. Dvd burner. Corsair 300r case. Case comes with 2 fans, and I added 2 more. Dual...