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  1. 60's guy

    Election fraud? Forget about it!

    It goes without saying that election fraud is nothing new to the U.S., Russia, China or to any other country. What bothers me most? The Biden administration failed in its attempt to establish a czar of disinformation. It appears that Governor Ned Lamont of Connecticut is now...
  2. 60's guy

    Morning Song

    How often have you woke up in the morning and all of a sudden without warning an old familiar song invades your mind? Every time it happens to me it takes about three hours to get the song out of my head. Sometimes it's good. Other times, not so much, like a few days ago when I woke up with the...
  3. 60's guy

    This is far beyond sick.

    I have a daughter who is a lesbian and I've always been supportive. She didn't announce her life choice to me until she was nearly 18 years old. That was 27 years ago. This school teacher in Boston, MA, however, has crossed a line that parents should rail against...
  4. 60's guy

    Biden claims that he has a plan...

    to ween all of Europe from dependency upon Russian oil. He has a plan for Europe, but he has no plans relative to the future of the United States. It's true that elections have consequences, positive and negative. I'll posit two questions. If you were POTUS, would you Continue construction...
  5. 60's guy

    Spill The Wine

  6. 60's guy


    Happy New Year! Here's an opportunity to share recipes of what you think goes into making the best tasting meatloaf or to discuss the music of Meatloaf and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  7. 60's guy

    This can't be good.

    My next door neighbor is an avid deer hunter who averages three to four kills a year to fill his freezer with venison.
  8. 60's guy

    Thirty years

    Gasoline prices were at an average of $1.14 per gallon and Tom Petty's song "Learning To Fly" chartered.
  9. 60's guy

    How has Covid affected you at a personal level?

    Please leave your political views to yourself. My intent is simply to have a thread where people can share stories about the impact that Covid has had at the individual or family level. I have three daughters, two of whom I have only seen once since early 2020. I have met with the third of my...
  10. 60's guy

    Barking Dogs

    I'm surrounded by four neighbors who own one to three dogs each. The barking is incessant. My town used to have a "barking dog" nuisance ordinance. But no more. I'm considering purchasing a couple of silent dog whistles and hose them up to fish tank air pumps 24/7 outside. Will it work?
  11. 60's guy

    Where is Mick Doobie?

    I hope he is okay. It's been a while since he posted that he wasn't feeling good.
  12. 60's guy

    600$ Transactions In or Out monitoring

    The 600$ amount cannot possibly be an arbitrary number. 600$/40 hour work week = 15$ minimum wage. Coincidence? Unlikely.
  13. 60's guy

    Recording from turntable into Adobe Audition (pc)

    I purchased a cable, female rca input connectors to a usb output hoping that I could record from turntable to Adobe Audition on my pc. My E drive has been wonky at times, but I suspect that I'm not setting the recording process up correctly. What am I missing?
  14. 60's guy

    Radio Shack

    I truly miss the two Radio Shack stores that were close by. Amazon killed Radio Shack and other local businesses. Bezo traveled to the edge of space. Who knows. Perhaps the next time he leaves the planet he will travel to Mars and stay there.
  15. 60's guy

    The Elephant and Covid at the Southern Border

    Yeah, I know. We're not allowed to post political opinions. However, the situation at the southern border appears to have become unmangible. How did that happen? Among the one million+ people who have crossed the border illegally, many thousands of those people are Covid positive. I'm just...
  16. 60's guy

    Yes Acoustic

    A few years ago my youngest daughter gave me the Yes Acoustic DVD. I had forgotten about it until this week when I was rummaging through all of my DVD discs. I finally watched it. Awesome DVD! Anyone else here ever seen it?
  17. 60's guy

    Pruning/Closing Threads?

    The most important thread here for many months had been the "My Corona" thread. In all likelihood, the "My Corona" thread is perhaps the single most important thread that has ever been posted here at HR. The thread gave all of us an insight as to what was happening day to day, week to week, and...
  18. 60's guy

    Your first job.

    Other than having a paper route when you were 12 years old, what was your first real job you got and had to pay income tax? My first job was at an Italian bakery. For $1:00 an hour, I scrubbed and washed stainless steel pots 30" in diameter. I also had to take baked products and place them into...
  19. 60's guy

    Here's something I can agree with Biden about.

    Google News - Biden's first move as president-elect? Mask mandate for all. Here's how he plans on doing it. My daily routine consists of visits to the local gas station for a cup of coffee, the post office, and the grocery store. The post office and grocery mandate it that you can't enter...
  20. 60's guy

    What books have you been reading lately?

    I'm nearing the end of having read every Clive Cussler book and also Vince Flynn books.