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  1. jimistone

    Paw paw what if?

    Just me and my grandbaby against a backing track. Just goofing around and nothing serious. I have so much fun recording stuff with her! I have always loved this old song written by Shel Silverstien. Listen to Paw Paw What If? by jimistone on #SoundCloud
  2. jimistone

    The immigrant song

    I'm playing bass, IBB on drums, Glen ( an old friend of mine) on guitar and vocal. All comments welcome Listen to Immigrant Song Mix3 by jimistone on #SoundCloud
  3. jimistone

    The bottle let me down

    I'm on vocals and guitar. Anyhix on pedal steel guitar, IBB on drums. Cover of an old Merle Haggard song. Listen to The Bottle With Guitar by jimistone on #SoundCloud
  4. jimistone

    beer drinkers and hell raisers

    Had fun on this one. A buddy of mine sang and played guitar with me. Any comments and suggestions welcome!
  5. jimistone

    Killing floor

    An old Howling Wolf song. I'm playing all instruments and singing. I'm not satisfied with my lead guitar work on's good in places but I think it could be better in other places.
  6. jimistone

    Boot hill

    I bought a 1968 pro reverb. I cranked it way up and thought it sounded really good so I recorded this tune. I am playing all instruments and doing the vocal. Any comments, suggestions, or critique is welcome.
  7. jimistone

    Wide or narrow strat string spacing

    Do you guys like the modern narrow fender strat string spacing or the vintage wide string spacing?
  8. jimistone

    Beware of buying vintage stuff online

    There is a big craze to buy vintage guitar parts online with the prices being crazy high for original vintage instruments. I have seen alot of bogus stuff. Here is one example. A 100% original 1966 pickguard for over $7000.00. I have a vintage 1966 stratocaster so I always take a look at things...
  9. jimistone

    New amp day

    Found a great deal on a Marshall dsl 40cr and a 4/12 slant cab. It sounds glorious!
  10. jimistone


    ZZ Top cover. Ibleedburgandy on the drums. I'm doing guitar, bass, and vocal. Friend of mine Glen is on backup vocal. Any mix suggestions, or comments of any kind, are welcome. Guitar is a Gibson Les Paul going into a Peavey Bravo 25 watt tube amp miced with a shure sm57. Vocal was recorded...
  11. jimistone

    Piano player needed for collab

    Its just a cover tune for fun. "The bottle let me down" old Haggard country tune. I already have a steel player. It really needs that honky tonk style piano too though
  12. jimistone

    Song in progress

    I'm close in the lyric. Trying to come up with a good melody: "He gave up Heaven for me When I'm feeling weary From trials I face each day And I think on what I've given up As I walk this Christian way. I'm reminded yet again Just what Jesus left behind When he left that holy place to bear the...
  13. jimistone

    1st recording with my 3 y.o. grand daugther

    We shared the same mic and had a blast doing this! Listen to Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer by jimistone #np on #SoundCloud Rudolf The Rednosed Reindeer by jimistone | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  14. jimistone

    country vocal with Studiio projects C-1 (U87 eq mod)

    I modded this Studio Projects C-1 mic. Gave the U87 eq mod a shot. The mic already sounded good. I think it makes a hell of a good country male vocal mic after the mod. It isnt as shrill as it was...although it wasnt a really shrill mic to start with. My vocal level is pretty hot on this so...
  15. jimistone

    get off your phone and drive!!

    I have kind of been out of the mp3clinic loop for a while. I have been building a couple of guitars. I got back in my studio and recorded a little. Its been a while since I wrote and recorded an original. Its a traditional fast blues arrangement. I was thinking "man, these blues guys are...
  16. jimistone

    Th weirdest thing happened

    I'm recording with Cubase LE. I have been recording with it for's an old version. My interface is presonus audio box 4 channel. Computer is running Windows 8. Anyway, I was recording a couple of rythym guitar tracks and a couple of passes on a vocal on a project I'm almost finished...
  17. jimistone

    Guitar build #2

    So, I'm buying Tele parts on ebay and I find a fender lonestar strat body. It has the vintage fender trem, saddles, claw, springs and large steel trem block. Also the strap buttons. It has a beautiful 3 color sunburst finish too. How in the heck am I NOT gonna buy it? Are you kidding me....I'm...
  18. jimistone

    Guitar build

    I haven't been posting much lately. I have been fiddling around with a couple of guitar builds. One is a Tele. I have had this body and neck for a while. Finally decided to work on it. I decided to paint it gold firemist metallic. It is a color that fender introduced in 1966. I didn't really...
  19. jimistone

    Stupid low prices at guitar center

    I've never seen prices this low. What's going on at guitar center? For example... 2017 American fender stratocaster Regardless price: $1343 Sale price: $133
  20. jimistone

    Collab with Rami !

    I attempted this tune a while back but I don't have the drum chops and the vocal is a little out if my range. So, Rami was kind enough to collab with me on it. We both love the tune! I played the guitar and bass and he laid down the drums and vocals. guitar, bass, and drums Power trio style!! I...