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  1. fuzzsniffvoyage

    How good can it sound?

    Thoughts? Can a microphone be modeled? Anyone have any experience with these? Slate Digital VRS8 Thunderbolt Audio Interface with VMS ML-1 Microphone | Sweetwater http:// Slate Digital VMS...
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    Arturia Pigments

    Don't have the link, but Arturia is giving an extended trial version of Pigments. Just go to their web site.
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    Getting the itch.......G.A.S. is kicking in.........

    From time to time I get the urge to get a new recording set up. But it's so expensive. I'm still using the Tascam US-1800, CakeyWalk by BandLab DAW, Akai MPK49 midi controller, Kemper Profiler & Carvin V3 +4x12 w/V30's, M-Audio BX8a studio monitors. I have a PC that's specked out, except for the...
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    Easy Drummer/Superior Drummer drum maps

    Metal! anyone have a drum map for Cakewalk? Any help would be great. Thanks.
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    Looking for a midi drum map for Metal! For Cakewalk by Bandlab. Thanks in advance.
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    An observation about guitar mags.

    A part of my gear purge is getting rid of all my old guitar magazines. And I've noticed a few things. The earlier mags have posters. The earlier mags have more content and less advertisements. Also, the same songs, the same guitarists grace the covers. Just imagine if Playboy or Hustler kept...
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    Gear Purge. Raising money for expensive upgrades.

    Selling many items. I'm in NW Indiana/Chicago area. Pick up would be best, but can ship at buyers expense. Most items are in excellent, well cared for in my non-smoking studio. Pictures to come. In box me for more info. Electro Voice MC150 Dynamic mic. Banged up a bit, the grill is smooshed...
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    On a serious note.........

    Who's going to #Gearfest?
  9. fuzzsniffvoyage

    Is it possible?

    For a midi drum beat to go out of time? I could swear that when I recorded everything was on the beat, now when I listen back, after several times, it's out of time.
  10. fuzzsniffvoyage

    Slate vs. Mcdsp

    Which and why? I'm thinking of going with the pay as you go plan, around $20 a month. I have zero experience with either. My main DAW is Cakewalk, but have been dappling in Studio One and PT 11. Thanks in advance.
  11. fuzzsniffvoyage

    Tascam US-1800 clicking noises.

    Clicking noises on recorded tracks, not midi. Could this be a precursor to a unit failure? I've been using the US-1800 since about 2012. It's very annoying.
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    I'm sorta missing someones family christmas song.

    As the title suggests. is anyone going to be recording any Christmas Songs?
  13. fuzzsniffvoyage

    Avid 11 Rack issue: Tuner crashing computer

    As the title suggests, when ever I try using the built in tuner in the 11 Rack, it'll work for a few seconds, then I get the oops/blue screen. If I engage the tuner in the 11 Rack editor, it's almost immediately and the tuner does not work at all. If I engage the tuner from the hardware it'll...
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    Time for a new chair.

    Looking for a new desk chair. One with adjustable armrests that can easily be put out of the way while playing guitar. What are you guys (& gals) using? I'd like to keep in under $200us.
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    88 key midi controller

    Doing research for my next piece of gear. I currently have an Akai MPK49. I plan on keeping it. I love the faders and transport controls, just not enough keys. So I’m open to suggestions for an 88 key. Doesn’t necessarily have to have faders or transport controls. Just good key action...
  16. fuzzsniffvoyage

    Midi Program Change

    Trying to do midi patch changes on my Avid Eleven Rack. Just like in this video on ProTools. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. fuzzsniffvoyage

    Loop Masters

    I just found this the other day. I am not affiliated with Loop Masters. Enjoy.
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    DIY Books?

    So as I am getting more into electronics, I was wonder what books would be recommended? I'd like to get a better understanding of what components actually do. I scored these 2 old books along with a cool magnifying glass/ruler today at a swap meet/flea market.
  19. fuzzsniffvoyage

    TrueTone D1143 Radio to Amp

    I acquired this old radio made in 1941 or 42. It's a tube radio and I'm wanting to convert it to a guitar amp. Since it has 2-6K6 tubes, which are very close to a 6V6, and the rectifier tube is a 5Y3, it seems very plausible for a Fender Champ style amp. I can't seem to locate a preamp section...
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