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  1. ranjam

    Has ANYONE had luck getting Cubase Support?

    .......good or bad? :confused:
  2. ranjam

    What can you say about this drummer?

    Solid, non-drinker, and won't hit on your girlfriend. :laughings: [VIDEO]
  3. ranjam

    Weird License Download Issue?

    I don't know if this has been asked before, but a quick look-see makes me think this doesn't appear to be so, so I'll ask now. If this is redundant, I apologize now. Anyway, I tried installing LE4 that came with a Zoom product. Everything went smooth until I tried to download my license. Now I...
  4. ranjam

    Any way to dampen a potentiometer?

    I've got a weird problem. I'll try and keep the sexual double entendres to a minimum; sometimes after cleaning a potentiometer the shaft just seems a lot looser. It's almost as if I'm turning air. The control still works fine along the rotation, but it isn't the same feel that it had. There has...
  5. ranjam

    dbx parts?

    Hey! I have a question, and this may be the wrong place to ask, but I am desperate. I have a dbx 386, and it has a sheared potentiometer. I have no idea where to get a replacement. I don't want to deal with dbx themselves for reasons too long winded and boring. But suffice to say if anyone knows...
  6. ranjam

    Does Anyone Have A Pedal Graveyard I Can Plunder?

    I'm cleaning up years of packrat 'stuff' and I'm looking for some pieces to complete these pedals so I have an excuse not to toss 'em. If anyone has any cadavers or small parts to sell me, I'm buying. First is a Memphis Distortion pedal, which is much like an old Distortion + which is to say...
  7. ranjam

    dbx 386 issues?

    I just brought home a used dbx 386 from my local music store. I'm thinking clean the pots and tube sockets, tighten up any hardware, and it'll be good to go. Then I get a brilliant idea to put a signal generator through it, and scope it out, checking the waveform and frequency response. Well...
  8. ranjam

    Audio Logic MT66 Info?

    At great risk of having my manhood questioned, I grabbed one of these compressors on the weekend. I am now on the hunt for any user manual or service information especially. Anybody? I am at your mercy; just try and go easy on me, knowing I'd do the same if the situation were reversed ;).
  9. ranjam

    What kind of MXL V69 did I get?

    Through a series of horse trading, I ended up with an MXL V69 Mogami. I thought about checking the tube before I brought it home, but didn't :o. Now I see it isn't a 12AT7 or whatever up top, but a l'il 5718 soldered directly to the circuit board :confused:. What have I got? I cannot ever see...
  10. ranjam

    Headset Wiring Issues!

    Help! While I know this ain't exactly 'recording' related, I don't have many other folks to ask :o. Here's the deal; I have an AKG C520L wireless condenser headset, with a 3-pin mini XLR connector. Thinking I could use it with a Shure T4N-CA transmitter, the first thing I see is that the Shure...
  11. ranjam

    Grab Yourself A Deal On A Tube Amplifier!

    I'll put this out there for you all, and duplicate it on the 'other equipment' section, because it bears repeating; I have had mine for about a week now. I am sure someone soon will have a few mods for it, and there are a few 'issues'...
  12. ranjam

    Grab Yourself A Deal On A Tube Amplifier

    I'll put this out there for you all, and duplicate it on the guitar section, because it bears repeating; I have had mine for about a week now. I am sure someone soon will have a few mods for it, and there are a few 'issues' I'll deal...
  13. ranjam

    Help Me Buy My First Interface!

    OK, for pretty much the same $$$, my local music store has the Tapco Link USB or the M-Audio Fast Track Pro. Which one would be the prefered choice? Or is it six of one vs. half a dozen of the other? This is for a desktop PC. I don't care about any software that comes bundled; I just want the...
  14. ranjam

    Anyone Build Their Own Sub-Kick?

    Well? What did you use? How did it turn out? Details, details. I'm building my own, and want to avoid some pitfalls. So any guidance or advice is greatly appreciated.
  15. ranjam

    Anyone tried recording a Blackheart?

    I am so tempted to pick one up just for recording. Specifically the Handsome Devil. But I know what it sounds like in a store is not how it's gonna record. I am not worried about road worthiness or how it will sound on a stage with other musicians. Again; this is just for recording. So, hands...
  16. ranjam

    USB Problems!

    I am not sure if this is the right Forum. Seeing as there isn't a dedicated Zoom Forum, I am just wildly asking here. Let me know if there is an more appropriate Forum that will likely get reults. But until then....... I have a new Zoom HD16CD. I am trying to connect it to my computer to do some...
  17. ranjam

    Source For Mic Transformers?

    Does anybody have a source for transformers that will fit inside say an SM57? Anything better than 'stock' out there? I know about the TAB-Funkenwerk tx, but for $75:eek:! There must be something a little more.... ahem.... economical? What about Cinemag?
  18. ranjam

    Help Me Pick My 1st Recorder!

    Hello! I am very new here, and may be asking 'D-Oh!' questions, so bear with me. Anyway, I am looking for my first recorder. I have a line on many units from local folks who did the basic 'I bought it, but never had time to use it' scenario. So my question is which would be the best bet for me...
  19. ranjam

    Differentiate e609?

    Hello! I am absolutely new here, and I have a lot of what may be considered 'D-Oh!' questions, so please bear with me. Anyway, here is one of my first questions. As I am looking at buying a used Sennheiser e609, how do I tell the good 'older' ones from the less desireable 'new' ones. Aren't the...