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  1. Capt Hair

    First pedal/effect build

    Dove into the DIY pedals world today. First up was a booster i got from to practice. Worked first try! I got a octave fuzz and tube screamer clone I'm going to be putting together as well over the next few days. I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I finish:D
  2. Capt Hair

    I just built 8 Broadband Absorber

    It's still pretty much the same principle as a mixing position. Treat first reflection points, bass traps, clouds. Ear level/speaker height is where you want the center of the panel to line up with. You can use a free room measurement tool like REW REW - Room EQ Wizard Home Page, to see if...
  3. Capt Hair

    Video Production... Microphones

    Hey guys, I was just recently approached by a local production company and got to talking with the owner and found out they really didn't have a "sound engineer" on their team. I got to talking with them and told them I was more than capable of doing anything from voice overs or recording sound...
  4. Capt Hair

    Bass Traps In Corners

    It depends on what type of bass trap you want to make, there's a few different kinds that people use. The first is essentially a panel, much like a broadband absorber, but with much thicker insulation. Usually anywhere from 4-8 inches thick of as apposed to the 2in thick panels of a broadband...
  5. Capt Hair

    question involving file type and quality loss

    I have a good friend who recently recorded a song at home, got good results and a solid mix and sent it off to a person he found for it to be mastered and from what he said for it to be formatted to work with Itunes? It was a "website" mastering company, they never directly met with the person...
  6. Capt Hair

    cymbals AHHH!!!

    anyone want to slap me into getting these. I've been looking for cymbals on craigslist for months, and now that I find some I'm dragging my feet:facepalm: Just spent enough on upgrading to PT10 and a new mic, and of course that's why I'm just freaking out! Just don't know when the next time...
  7. Capt Hair

    let me see your studio!

    Cats make great bass traps...
  8. Capt Hair

    Iron Maiden, back on the road

    They just announced the tour a little while ago, just thought I'd share if anyone else is a Maiden fan on here. Maiden on the Charge More dates are going to be added soon apparently, luckily I get to see them at their first stop in Charlotte! Have never had a chance to see them, so I'm stoked...
  9. Capt Hair

    Absorption/diffuser combo panel

    Was just surfing youtube and found this video of what's called a flexifuser from prime acoustics. Can any of the more seasoned people here comment on the possible effectiveness of a design like this??? Essentially it's a two in one absorber/diffuser panel. Thought it was a kind cool idea, and...
  10. Capt Hair

    Get your 10 post here!

    Yea, look what he did to me. ...k I'm done with pictures :drunk:
  11. Capt Hair

    Oh, This Woman is CUTE!

    Slight family resemblance.
  12. Capt Hair

    Get your 10 post here!

    lol, what up?!
  13. Capt Hair

    Acoustic treatment - don't know where to start

    Well what you can do is make panel bass traps and stick them on stands so they're portable, so when ever you need them you can move them into position in the corners. There's somebody on here or gearslutz that rigged up a little rail system that they hung bass traps from so they could easily...
  14. Capt Hair

    Low Cost Rack!

    Have you seen what logic looks like in real life?........
  15. Capt Hair

    Need some advice on using these as bass traps/broad bands

    Well I went to dinner to tonight at my local Outback Steak House and they had recently renovated the building and got all new everything and had all the old everything sitting out in pods in the parking lot. Well I spotted these: The booth seats. Now, yes they are foam, but this isn't...
  16. Capt Hair

    Need help with bass trap design

    From doing a quick google search, sorry I'm not familiar with the stuff. It's meant for sound proofing, aka keeping the sound in/out. That does nothing in terms of treating a room...only making your neighbors happy. There are a two main different forms of bass traps, there are "super...
  17. Capt Hair

    Taking off the jeans...

    Ok not really!:p But...we were talking about a lot of different types of sound treatment in one of my classes and the uses of rock wool, 703/5, and your other standard acoustic insulation that everybody uses. Somebody spoke up though and said that there was a "denim" insulation that he had...
  18. Capt Hair

    Gain question

    Didn't want to hijack a thread in the microphone section but I had a question for you guys who use the sm7b and other mics needing a lot of gain..and I've seen it in quite a few threads...pretty simple question I guess. How much gain in the pre's are we talking here? Are we talking 30db, 40...
  19. Capt Hair

    CAD E100s

    Anyone have any experience with these? I have a chance to pick up a matched pair for $450. Just need a little reassurance that these would make a good addition. I've been looking to find something to use as drum overheads, I've just been using sm57s with modest results. From prices new...
  20. Capt Hair

    EQ rack question

    I feel like I'll posting in the newbie section for quite a while lol. Too much to learn :o EQ rack equipment...why have it? Because you record through this outboard equipment first correct? It's towards the beginning of your "signal flow" chain. Which means you be "pre-eqing" signals, not...