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  1. grimtraveller

    What is the most useful thing you've learned in music ?

    I think the most usful thing I've learned is that anyone can play with anyone ~ if they are willing and open enough.
  2. grimtraveller

    Vocal booth ~ any use ?

    There's generally been a negative reaction to the idea of vocal booths over the years, so I was quite interested to see this video and think again on the subject. What do people think of vocal booths of this kind ?
  3. grimtraveller

    5 string bass tuner ~ is it just me ?

    I've had my 5-string bass guitar since 2005 and done lots of recording and live work with it. I went over to flat wound strings some years ago, and I've noticed over the last 9 or so years that when I tune it using a tuner, the E, A, D and G strings are wonderfully in tune, but when the B is...
  4. grimtraveller

    Drummers that weren't "perfect" for their band

    Often, when discussing drummers, the phrase comes up "they were the perfect drummer for "X" band. I've sometimes said it myself. But it struck me, in the aftermath of Charlie Watts' death, such a statement begs the question ¬> could a drummer not be the perfect drummer for the band they were in...
  5. grimtraveller

    Prison music

    So....imagine you've been sentenced to 5 years in prison with no contact with the outside world allowed. No internet { :cry: }, no contact from friends or family, no TV or radio, no newspapers.....but you are allowed to take with you any 20 albums or singles {or combination thereof} ¬> what...
  6. grimtraveller

    Great and Lame album titles

    Great and terrible album covers have been discussed for decades.....but what about those album titles that are brilliant, 'meh' or total crap ? This morning I was listening to "Liege and Lief" by Fairport Convention, which I've always thought was such a lame title. The look of the words has long...
  7. grimtraveller

    Long term musical memory

    Have you ever had the experience where you heard a song or piece or tune just the once and then didn't hear it for years/decades but remembered it throughout that time......and then heard it again ? That's happened to me a few times. Sometimes, the song was almost nothing like I had remembered...
  8. grimtraveller


    Does anyone here write instrumentals or have you written instrumentals ? Did they start off deliberately as instrumentals ? What was/is your approach to them ~ is there any particular way you go about them ?
  9. grimtraveller

    The sound of the piano

    When you hear a piano in a song {any song of any era} can you tell whether the piano part is played on a grand, baby grand or upright piano ? And have you ever heard piano sounds so authentic {on modules, VSTis, synths or stage pianos} that you couldn't tell that it wasn't an acoustic piano ?
  10. grimtraveller

    Dynamic, condenser or even ribbon: can you tell ?

    When listening to music, be it home recordings or otherwise, can you tell whether a dynamic, condenser or ribbon mic was used on any particular sound source ? What are the essential differences between the different kinds of mic ? Is there anything intrinsic to each one that makes them better...
  11. grimtraveller

    How consistent are your mixes across different media ?

    Going right back to the mid 70s when I was a kid, I noticed that a song or songs on an album, although being the same song or set of songs, sounded slightly different depending on whether they were being played on radio, a turntable or cassette deck. The changes weren't to do with quality, just...
  12. grimtraveller

    Drum Recycling

    Between 2009 and 2012 I was fortunate enough to record with three guys that played drums. In that period, we must have recorded close to 100 songs, possibly even more than that. Whenever there was an opportunity, we'd record. We'd get through different numbers of songs in a session. A long piece...
  13. grimtraveller

    Whatever happened to the martintea thread on songwriting ?

    Whatever happened to the thread ? I thought it was developing along some interesting lines that would've been useful, both for the OP and any future punters looking into the subject.
  14. grimtraveller

    The thinking person's drummer

    Neil Peart was one of those that came under the heading of ''the thinking person's drummer." There have been a few drummers like that in rock {you'd expect that in jazz}, musical drummers that not only provided the time and driving beat, but also played in such a way that to call them...
  15. grimtraveller

    How did you develop as a songwriter ?

    What got you writing songs in the first place and where along the line did you decide that your efforts were worth carrying on with ? At what point did you realize that it wasn't some mystical art reserved for a privileged and super talented few ?
  16. grimtraveller

    Xmas Eve

    .. There probably aren't too many men that could get away with a song on the topic of shopping !:(
  17. grimtraveller

    Star Wars ~ The Rise Of Skywalker

    Well, I didn't want to see it. I only saw it because my older son wanted to and I'd said I'd go with him if he didn't see the midnight showing on Thursday....and he didn't. So I had to. And I found it awful. What a crock. A 3 legged dog of a movie. Happy new shirt !
  18. grimtraveller

    Ralph & Louisa

    Here's a little something that's, for me, quite straightforward. Be warned, you may feel :cursing:, :yawn: or :wtf:but hopefully not :facepalm: !