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    Pickup fading in and out

    Sounds like a capacitor thing, doesn't it?
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    Refretting a bound fingerboard

    Do you have to loosen and refit the binding?
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    Stomach flu

    There's a really bad stomach virus going around, apparently it's nationwide. Has your area been hit? Ours sure has. My wife had it but somehow I've managed to avoid it so far.
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    Finger exercisers

    Anybody ever use one? Did it improve your strength and/or flexibility?
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    String tension and scale length

    I don't know why I can never remember this, but a shorter scale length should have lower tension that a longer scale, right?
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    Cleaning a heavy poly maple board?

    What's the best for heavy poly (besides removing the heavy poly of course)?. Alcohol? Lemon oil? Heavy poly shouldn't need oiled, I would think.
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    String brands and tension

    Does anyone have any opinions on the tension between different electric string brands given the same size? In othe words, is an 8 hig E from brand A esiaer to bend than an 8 from brand B? And what about different materials? Is nickel easier to bend than steel or chrome? And what about coated...
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    I would gladly pay you next Tuesday

    for a cup of non-existence today.
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    Sanding down a poly neck

    Got one with thick poly that I want to sand the back of. What should I START with?
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    pickup search

    Looking for a neck humbucker that, when split, has a pretty convincing strat neck sound.
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    Somebody say something profound

    to pull me out of this spiral of depression. I don't really know what triggered it exactly, but I've been in a nose dive all afternoon. Here we are now, entertain us.
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    Pickup placement in a one-off bass build?

    OK, somewhat technical question, but I couldn't figure out what to title this thread. I want to build a (solid body) bass using a stock (bolt on) neck that I've taken from another bass. The bass I'm taking it from is a short scale with one pickup. Obviously, it will still be a short scale...
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    When you see awesome unknown performers on youtube

    does it inspire you, or depress you? Or neither?
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    When is cutting a new nut necessary?

    Unless you're having a problem that you can directly link to it, when do you do it? If you're going down in string guage, how big of a difference does it have to be before you consider a new one? When you get a new (used) guitar, and you don't know what it had been cut for in the past, is...
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    Roundwounds and fretless bass

    Anyone know of a way to keep rounds from tearing the crap out a fretless board?
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    I've had it with humanity.

    Elon Musk and Neil deGrasse Tyson, among others, agree that if we are going to survive as a species, we ultimately need to become an interplanetary species. I personally don't know that we deserve to survive as a species. I think nature, or God if you prefer, should consider Homo Sapiens a...
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    Is it just me

    or is every single person on TV lately using an SM7? Has Shure gone on some kind of product placement marketing blitz? Used to be you'd see a LOT more RE20s. What's the deal?
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    fret level and crown on a bound board?

    Is there any difference between doing it on a bound board vs an unbound board? Do you have to do anyting special, or just be extra careful? I've never done one anyway, but I was wondering if it would be worth attempting it myself.
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    Truss rod direction?

    Has anyone ever run across a truss rod that is threaded the opposite of the 'normal' way? I got an off-off brand LP for $10 that has a slight back bow, and I just wanted to know before I try and adjust it. How long do you give it after you've turned it before you see a result? How much time...
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    The ever popular electric guitar string question

    I want to try some 8's (which I didn't even know existed), but there are 18 different kinds of 8's for electric at GC (while they're still afloat). There are 6 different kinds of 8's just among Ernie Balls. I don't understand the difference between all of them. What's the difference between...