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  1. ez_willis

    In Hindsight....

    If you've been around long enough to know both candidates, choose with your conscience. If you're noo, your default selection should be Greg_L. You're going to have to trust me on this one. Which should be ez_. It's right there in the name. And I've never lead you astray.
  2. ez_willis

    Slow Work Day Today

    Anyone else need to get straightened out on anything? I'm happy to help. But it could get busy tomorrow so if you don't hurry you will continue to a misguided bunch.
  3. ez_willis

    Say No To Smoke Detectors

    Seriously. Do your own research here, friends. Big SD is lying to you. Say NO To Smoke Detectors
  4. ez_willis

    Confirmation Bias

    I'm glad that's not a real thing and that none of us are using it regularly here. I mean, how could we since it's not even real.
  5. ez_willis


    Not of the FM variety. The one's without a serious mental health condition that we generally view as invisible. If you know, you know. If you don't, it doesn't matter. Those of you that believe they push chairs around and open and close doors, I'm curious what your theory is on how they break...
  6. ez_willis


    Mods, any idea why they switched over? And do we know if the transition was seemless?
  7. ez_willis

    An Interesting and Informative Discussion

    This is the place to post all of your topics of conversation deemed acceptable to mgmt. I'll start:
  8. ez_willis

    Guess Who's Going to London Tomorrow

    Not chrisharris as far as I can tell. But I am.
  9. ez_willis

    From My Family.... chrisharris, wherever he may be. Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. ez_willis

    Some of You May Remember chrisharris

    I sure do.
  11. ez_willis

    Rose Bowl

    Who watched it? I went to the game yesterday. Effing GNARLY!
  12. ez_willis

    I'm Ready for Some Baseball

    Go Doyers!!! WOOOHOOO! :laughings:
  13. ez_willis

    World Series?

    Anyone? It's gonna be a good one.
  14. ez_willis

    Bad News, Guys.

    Let's hear it you miserable bastards. What's wrong with you, anyways.
  15. ez_willis

    Hey Guys

    I am REALLY interested in your thoughts on this. I can't remember how to upload music. :o
  16. ez_willis


    ...your cat. #trumpyourcat. You're welcome. ---------- Update ---------- . .
  17. ez_willis

    What's Up With Obama?

    Doing all that stuff he's been doing. I mean, what's up with that? Sheesh.
  18. ez_willis

    My Take on the Mods

    Kinda nerdy with their stupid scooters, but The Small Faces came out of it which led to greatness though so overall I give the genre a pass.
  19. ez_willis

    Hey Acid Rock

    Have you seen jcmm around? lol.
  20. ez_willis

    Is Acid Rock and jcmm Still Here?

    Are they?