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  1. heatmiser

    new frustration

    Howdy folks...been a while! Good to see at least a few familiar names still posting here. I've been slowly getting back into recording over the last year in a new space. Here's something I wrapped up last week, and I am curious how it sounds on other systems. Sounds more or less as I wanted it...
  2. heatmiser

    feel like an alien

    Hi, I spent the last week coming up with a collection of instrumentals that I've posted on soundcloud as an "EP". I got really sick of trying to sing. lol I would have posted some of these in the clinic first for mix advice, but wanted to get it done and move on, plus I've had a lot of tunes...
  3. heatmiser

    i'm so lonesome i could cry

    Sorry to post another track so soon after the last, but I'm in high output mode and would really like to get feedback on this one before moving on to whatever else is next. This track is different in many ways...content obviously...It's a Hank Williams tune done more in a johnny cash kind of...
  4. heatmiser

    cold, cold ground

    Hey - so what do you think of this one? I did this maybe a month ago. It was the first track I did in my new place and this is the first and only mix I did. At the time I was quite happy with the mix, but time has passed, and I've listened to a bunch of stuff in here, and now I'm not so sure...
  5. heatmiser

    Vocal tracking techniques that might help with pitch?

    Hi, For someone who isn't tone deaf, but does struggle at times with pitch, are there any recommendations during the tracking process to help with this? I used to just play the full mix at a healthy volume and belt it out which worked sometimes, but often not. I read some ideas here years ago...
  6. heatmiser

    jealous guy

    Hi folks, Been away for a while...I moved and have a new recording space that I'm still getting used to, particularly with regard to how the bass translates. This is the third track I've done in the new place, but I've struggled more with it than the first two, largely due to the vocals. This...
  7. heatmiser

    godzilla theme medley

    What do y'all think of this? It should evoke images of a man in a rubber monster suit being attacked by fake jets and helicopters while stomping models of buildings in slow motion. If not, I have failed. I don't expect the horns or strings to sound convincingly real, but do they sound...
  8. heatmiser

    it doesn't matter

    Hi again, I have another new tune that I'd love to get some opinions on. I finished tracking this one about a week ago while you folks were kindly giving me advice on the last track (I probably will remove or at least lower the fuzz bass on that one thanks to your feedback). I approached this...
  9. heatmiser

    john mcgraw

    Hey there, I finished tracking this a week or so ago (first song in a while!), and have put the mix on soundcloud for your consideration. Let me know if anything sounds out of whack. Thanks a bunch.
  10. heatmiser


    Hey - I threw this thing together this past weekend and have been fiddling with it since. This mix got away from me for a bit, but I think I have it dialed in better now. What do you think? I tried a bunch of different stuff this time, and as is often the case when you try new stuff, I'm on the...
  11. heatmiser


    Let me know what you think of this mix (new mix 3.15 afternoon): Thanks, Pete Edit : Mix two from post 26.
  12. heatmiser


    Uh, not you whomever is reading this...that was just written on a poster I was staring at while tracking this the last couple of nights. Really just trying out some new sounds with the Hammond organ and got carried away. I didn't understand the percussion settings or the function of the...
  13. heatmiser


    Alright. We're going to slow things down a bit here with a mellow sort of waltz. A good friend of mine turned me on to this tune last year and I've been listening to it a lot lately and decided to cover it this past weekend. It's called mexico. It's by cake. I unintentionally slowed it down a...
  14. heatmiser

    whiskey river

    Hey, I was playing grand theft auto the other night, driving around los santos in a stolen microbus when the country station came on and I heard this willie nelson tune I'd never heard before. I did a cover of it this weekend. It is flawed, but hopefully there are things that make up for that...
  15. heatmiser

    Sony MDR 7506 vs Sennheiser 280 Pro

    Hi, Anyone have any comparative experience between these two sets of phones? I've had the Sony set for about 5 years and always found them to be overly bright (I kind of got used to that though), but otherwise I liked them a lot. Comfortable, good clarity...plenty loud. They finally died...
  16. heatmiser

    no name yet

    Hey, so what do you think of this one? I've been doing weird instrumental things here and there the last few months with a few silly lyrics thrown in just to give them some structure or a focal point, but I haven't come up with any for this one yet. I've used 19 of the 24 tracks I have...
  17. heatmiser

    mr raja

    Hey, Check this on out and let me know what you think if you get a chance. Musically speaking, it's not that adventurous, as I tend to recycle the same basic building blocks when making a song, but sonically I think it's pretty interesting as I used a wider assortment of instruments and did a...
  18. heatmiser

    telephone wire - with Greg_L on drums

    Hey, So, how's this one sounding? Greg was nice enough to offer to track some drums for me. Not wanting to miss out, but not having a new tune ready, I sent him some rough, acoustic scratch tracks for this older tune that I've done a few times before years ago on cassette. He did a great job...
  19. heatmiser

    ozewiezewoze - with fat_fleet & fritsthegirl

    Hey, This is kind of an odd one... Apparently the main melody here comes from a traditional Dutch tune that parents sing to their kids or whatever. I liked the melody a lot and wanted to try to create an arrangement around it, so I added a bunch of chords and an additional section to the tune...
  20. heatmiser

    Cat > dog

    This just happened a couple of days ago in California. Thank goodness we have cats to keep us safe. I didn't need to see close ups of the wounds at the end though.