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    A Sad Day For Stereomanuals Customers

    Rick Stout the owner of the business passed away on the 15th and he was the only great source that I had found for the service manuals we all need to work on decks. Info can be seen here- RIP Rick
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    There Are Now Fewer Repairing Decks That Know What They Are Doing!

    I make this warning as Tom in Nashville retires, the unit I saw from a so called Technician from BC was nothing but a total mess so he can not be rated as a real Tech. He puts all kinds of pictures on his FB page but when you check the work he has done it was very minimal and also what he did do...
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    Alesis ADAT format

    I am in the service business and NO I am not looking for more work as I have plentty but a client asked me where to get a ADAT fixed that he has. I knew a guy in Chicago that did them all the time but he disappeared. Anybody have a contact point for a person that still fixes these items?
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    Just an Inquiry on Teac A450 cassette deck

    To keep things alive around here I thought I would ask if anyone had a 450 or A450 with the speed being too high by 60-70 Hz while using the smaller 60Hz pulley section and the correct and even a new 3uFd motor run caps and the motor was replaced by the one I sold him that was new Teac stock. I...
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    Just to let some know

    I have been swamped for years with too many units to repair but I have trained and helped out others to get started. Most of them are doing well and there is a guy in PA that has finished his work so there is the availability to get some equipment fixed if you are in that area. I have other...
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    [FOR SALE] Teac X1000R Speed and Reel Size Switches Available

    These are available for a good price better than on E bay. Teac X1000R Speed Switch/ Reel Switch Are In Stock – Skywave Tape Deck Repair Send me a PM or contact me at
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    Teac X1000R Speed and Reel Size Switches Available

    I too have had to pay a lot of money for the switches sold on E bay to fix decks. Well with time put in for research, I was able to find the same exact switch that is sold on E bay for over $20 each. I sell a pair of them for $12 and whatever postage is required- In USA that would be $8.45...
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    Need Tascam 58OB service documents for OB section only

    I am working on a deck of this type and the only thing that does not work is the XLR inputs which seem to go to a input board. This board is not in the regular 58 manual- no sign of it at all. Anyone have a schematic of this board. I can guess some of the job but I like to see what I am working...
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    Mod for Teac X7R and other X7 slow winds speeds

    One of the most aggravating things is to fast wind a X7R and have to wait the 2.5 to 3 minutes to have it finish a 1800 foot roll of tape. Ha! Teac knew there was a problem and released technical bulletins to make some corrections. Well I use a different approach in application of the 30Vdc...