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  1. wmalan

    Hot Rod Deluxe IV vs Peavey Rage158 home recording

    Rocky Mountain Way was famously recorded with the Champ (though not SS but tubes). I still have mine for this very reason: I have a bedroom studio. One other little gem I keep around is my now discontinued Tech 21 Trademark 10 SS modeling amp for this same reason. They both sound great in small...
  2. wmalan

    'The Box' and me are not friends

    While I think you sorted this out... You offer a tail of truth that MANY of us struggle with: Variables. We just want to make music. Yet, in this thread alone we discussed software issues, swapping motherboards, interface issues, storage issues, real faders and knobs vs virtual ones... Add to...
  3. wmalan

    Is Anyone Using a Rack PC?

    Good to know. Glad you enjoy your setup!
  4. wmalan

    Is Anyone Using a Rack PC?

    I looked at those and asked the question here a ways back. For price and performance I think the old box config wins out. Also pointed out to me on this forum was cooling... Racks tend to not run as cool as boxes (or so I was told)...
  5. wmalan

    Writing someone else's song?

    Idle mind here... It was Jason Isbell who once said he runs his lyrics thru the "Cliche Meter" (his wife). <ggg> But for my simple ears, I get a little nervous if a friend of mine says "that sounds like xxx". I know they mean it in a good way. But it gives me pause the times I've heard that...
  6. wmalan

    Speed up a song

    If it does it, expect a bit of "warbling" if the jump is too much.
  7. wmalan

    Roland JC-120, should I get it?

    Wow... A JC-120 thread... I had one from the late 80's thru the 90's. Clean and loud. I used a Boss DS-1 or a SD-1 thru it for distortion. Fine for 80's sounds. But then I slipped into blues... I think depending on the pedal, the JC is a nice platform. Just not for me... But that chorus! If you...
  8. wmalan

    Sweetwater Creation Station Rack Mounted PC's

    "With the cost of SSDs these days I would go with 256gb system and 1TB (or whatever you need) for storage..." My price point is about $1k. I'm happy with Dell for off the shelf. Not interested in building anymore. At that price point they seem to only offer either one 500gb SSD or a 256 gb SSD...
  9. wmalan

    Sweetwater Creation Station Rack Mounted PC's

    I worked with a guy that had one as a test unit for an engineering firm I worked for. I wouldn't the added complexity with the external pump required to circulate the water.
  10. wmalan

    HD Storage options for the PC

    OK. So it's SSD's for both. I have an existing 2TB USB backup for that as well. So regardless of drive type... A boot and a separate project drive like before. Thanks for the help.
  11. wmalan

    HD Storage options for the PC

    So my current 10 year old Reaper DAW has a 256GB spinning boot disk (7200rpm). I have a second 500GB spinning HD for my project files. I did this setup for faster read-writes. I'm looking at a new system with at least one SSD boot drive. I found two decent deals. One is a Dell with a 256GB SSD...
  12. wmalan

    Best place to buy gear?

    Considering many of us (of a certain age) miss the brick and mortar. Online has changed things. Yes, I miss the days of West LA music here in Los Angeles. Where you had "a" sales person that got to know you. That said, Sweetwater for being online does do a great job with their sales model.
  13. wmalan

    What DAWs are you using and why?

    Just look at the pinned What DAW are you using? right at the top.
  14. wmalan

    Sweetwater Creation Station Rack Mounted PC's

    Great ideas. My existing setup is a 500GB main HD drive for apps and sound libraries, a 500GB second HD drive that I store and load my musics projects from. Then of course a 2TB external USB drive that I back everything up to. I plan the same setup on the new PC except SSD's for both internals...
  15. wmalan

    Sweetwater Creation Station Rack Mounted PC's

    Thanks all for the help. I get the GAS part of purchasing as I just bought two guitar pedals this year... The first time in 15 years! My existing PC while finer for Reaper ahs started to act up. Old standard hard drives. I get USB errors on startup. And the graphics card is starting to flicker...
  16. wmalan

    Sweetwater Creation Station Rack Mounted PC's

    Well it's finally time to do a complete DAW workstation upgrade for Reaper. My current Windows PC is one I built many moons ago. It's worked really great for a long time. But it's showing it's age: I5-750 @2.67ghz (1rst generation... Old!), 12gb ram, 500gb HD (x2) not SSD's. External USB b/u...
  17. wmalan

    THIS applies to EVERYONE

    Found this great little video from Sweetwater about mic placement in front of a guitar cab. Pretty demonstrative way to show the differences in distance.
  18. wmalan

    let me see your studio!

    My humble little upstairs songwriter's studio. Works for me!
  19. wmalan

    Guitar Tab Plug Im in Office Libre

    I just installed it. Looks like it's replaced OpenOffice (I've had that since 2013). Opens and saves the same file extension. Off to find the chord extension. I do songwriting as a hobby and that will be an great help!
  20. wmalan

    Guitar Tab Plug Im in Office Libre

    Old post I know but... This looks cool! This? I use OpenOffice, I assume Libreoffice is the update to the orig OpenOffice?