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  1. JDOD

    Hi all, As you know I don't post here much anymore. Myself and a bunch of others that used to mainly post in The Tone Thread have started our own forum called The Recording Rebels. So, if you miss the input of knowledgeable users like Greg_L, Bubba Po, Armistice and Lt. Bob etc pop over and...
  2. JDOD

    D Key - early test mix

    Alright, Not sure what I want to do with this one- there's parts I like and parts I don't like. The chorus just starts, its like there's no build up to it. It definitely needs a bigger drum fill on the way in but I think it might be more than that. Can't decide whether the chorus vocal needs...
  3. JDOD

    EQ Pedals

    Been looking at EQ Pedals (not been looking that hard) My shortlist was a 2nd hand MXR 10 Band if I can find one or a new Boss 7 Band. Any other suggestions? I just came across this on eBay too: Seems like a cheap...
  4. JDOD

    Unusual heat/humidity question

    My house has two small (by USA standards) living rooms. One of which is my guitar/music room. They both have hideous old fire places, neither of which has a fire anymore. But I'm thinking of sticking log burning stoves in them both. Should keep the whole house pretty warm, be carbon neutral and...
  5. JDOD

    Paranoid - (slightly punk) Black Sabbath Cover

    Evening gents, Don't do many covers but I figured this would be an easy one for me to stick together to practice my mixing before I crack on with any more of my own. Its been pretty handy for practicing my singing too - I knew I could do a high E, didn't realise till I started that the Brummie...
  6. JDOD

    Commercial Music Pricing

    Can someone explain this shit to me: I just went on to Amazon to buy an album to download. Its £8.29 for the set of MP3s. If I buy the CD its £8.21 and it comes with a free MP3 download of the album. I've just bought the CD, but one of the wise old souls at would explain this to me I'd...
  7. JDOD


    They've now released two songs of their upcoming album... they're both pretty good. I'm starting to think it might actually be good!
  8. JDOD


    Can't be arsed to waste money on a new bass - I have far more pressing issues on my wallet, so I'm gonna work with what I have. Right, these are my two shit basses: Bass 1 (red) and Bass 2 (burst) Bass 1: Plays pretty well, feels comfortable, looks pretty cool and basic (just a plank with a...
  9. JDOD

    Can Someone Explain the basics

    Never really tried anything do with "mastering" before. I just leave my master fader in Reaper well alone. Anyway, I just added the standard Reaper "JS:Master Limter" to my master FX. Left all the presets well alone. I've now applied it to a few different projects and it just makes everything...
  10. JDOD

    Nigel Farrage Blues

    Still playing stuff which is way outside my usual genre - need to get back to punk and grunge after this! This came about 'cos I came up with the initial lead lick, which I thought sounded a) quite cool and, b) a little like Parisian Walkways. So I just worked out what chords I was hearing in...
  11. JDOD

    2017 Gibsons Here's a quick down. I think its cool that they're doing some more affordable stuff.
  12. JDOD

    Uke Song #1

    One of my friends bought me a Uke on Saturday. So I came up with a quick Uke song yesterday afternoon.
  13. JDOD

    Reaper - ReaGate - Noise Gate

    I'm using ReaGate to clamp down on some noise in very open parts of a hi gain track where I need very quick silent slops. However, later on I want the guitars to fade out into feedback and it clamps them too early. Do you know if there is an option where you can set ReaGate to only work on...
  14. JDOD

    Mexican Teles

    Played on a bunch of Mexican Teles yesterday. They were really good. They're pretty much half the price of their American Standard counterparts. £1000 quid for something as simple as a telecaster just seems silly. 500 quid for a Mexican is reasonable. What is the difference between the two...
  15. JDOD

    Epiphone Thunderbird Bass

    I tried one the other day, it felt pretty good. Anyone else tried one? Got any strong opinions about them?
  16. JDOD

    No Choice

    Finished this as planned this afternoon... but now I've stuck the vocals on it seems bit short... Regardless, tell me what you think of the mix: Here's Mix 2 - its amazing what you can achieve sober with a coffee and a Welsh cake. And here's mix 3 - wasn't going to come back to this yet...
  17. JDOD

    Moving Project Directories

    Like most of you I reckon I have a directory with about a million projects in it. I've made a shortlist of 14 projects that I want to take to completion - some are nearly done, some need a complete re-working. Anyway, is there an easy way of moving the directories for these 14 projects...
  18. JDOD

    D Key Test Mix 3

    Here's another one that came together very quickly this weekend based on a quick riff I recorded into my phone with my guitar unplugged on Wednesday evening!
  19. JDOD

    Olympics Thread

    I'm sure some of you will be watching. I'm quite an avid Olympics watcher. Just watching highlights of the opening ceremony with a coffee and looking up when all my favourite events are. Really into Olympic boxing and want to see if Nicola Adams can defend her title.
  20. JDOD

    Phryge Magnets - 80s Metallica Style

    Afternoon (morning to the yanks) gents, This was a just a riff that I had floating around and it got arranged into a full track a fortnight ago - only just got around to re-tracking the guitars though. The riff in this is a bit tricky so it was a bugger to keep my concentration for the entire...