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    Studio Networking. Is it worth it?

    No problem here. I appreciate this forum and have learned tons just by reading threads over the years. It’s not an issue when tracking and using the main or mix busses coming direct out of the mixer for monitoring. When I’ve tried to monitor out of the daw it’s been an issue. Not terrible just...
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    Studio Networking. Is it worth it?

    That’s cool. We did a couple of albums back in the analog days at large (not Nashville) studios. I started my studio when digital was just getting started with a Roland vs840. Recording to zip discs. Then I jumped to the venerable Yamaha AW4416. A big leap forward when it came out. 16...
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    Studio Networking. Is it worth it?

    Well I have a live sound rig also and do some remote setups for churches so I try to buy gear that can be used for both. Most of the time I record the events as well if there is live music. It would take several thousand to go thunderbolt. New interface and computer. I’ve been a pc guy since I...
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    Studio Networking. Is it worth it?

    And thus why I haven’t posted in years here. Ridicule runs amuck. If you read the post you would understand that I just monitor out of the mixer not record effects out of the mixer. Also, no I don’t represent any company or interest. I’m an electrician for a living. The studio is more of a...
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    Studio Networking. Is it worth it?

    Greetings, I've not posted here in several years, but I wanted to hear from the community on something I've jumped headlong into. I have a Midas M32r mixer as my studio interface. Not only for the high channel count, but so that latency would not be an issue. I just monitor straight out of...
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    Opinions on mobile recording setup upgrades?

    Greetings All, I will try to be brief. My setup is geared toward live recording which is what I do 90% of the time. Mostly in houses of worship, so it doesn't pay too good most of the time. My setup includes an older PC laptop. I7 Gen. 3; 256GB SSD: 16 GB ram; and a Glyph Studio, 2 TB...
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    Problem with Addictive Keys in a live recording situation.

    Greetings all, My son is a budding musician. I am the tech guy. I have a small and medium size PA that we use for his gigs. We usually record his events (Reaper) and run his vocal and epuipment through Waves Multirack and to Reaper at the same time. I use a hot rod pc laptop and a...
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    Intel NUC?

    Greetings all, Well it looks like i'm going to have to replace my recording computer. While I use and prefer a laptop for mobility, I just do not have the funds right now to jump to a Macbook Pro. In "bang for the buck" how do mini systems like the NUC stack up? You can find some with some...
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    Waves L3 Multimaximizer VS. Slate FG-X

    I was going to purchase the FG-X to do some quick loudness maximizing on demo's. Then this week the L3 went on sale. What are some opinions on these 2 plugs. Thanks much.
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    Drum setup for my tiny studio.

    Bottom line, I have access to a mid range acoustic set, but for most recording, I use an Alesis pro USB set that I added a dm-8 module to a couple of years back - because I was not yet into computer based recording. The dm-8 sounds pretty good, but now that I have upgraded to full blown...
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    Waves Tune LT with Reaper

    I've also posted this problem on the Reaper forum and I know it's been discussed in the past, but does anyone successfully use Waves Tune or Tune LT in Reaper? I did plug in Waves Rewire to an extra channel, as suggested, then plugged Tune into the vocal track. It seems to scan the song fine...
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    Thoughts on Waves Renaisance Maxx bundle.

    Just purchased this plugin bundle just before they went off sale for $110. The physical disc copy, brand new. I thought it was a pretty good deal. Being the physical copy I figured I could sell it and recoupe my money if not make a couple of dollars if I decide not to install it. The regular...
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    Do I need a dedicated USB midi keyboard controller?

    I'm new but not green. Although i am Greene. Just making the transition for older high end standalone mtr's to all computer daw recording and music production. I have been using an old Alesis quadrasynth keyboard (very cheap and horrible sounding) after my weighted key yamaha digital piano...
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    Taking the plunge into Computer recording.

    Greetings All, Wasn't sure where to post this, but I have so much to learn about computer Daw recording I will try here. I am not new to digital recording. For years I have been using a Yamaha AW4416 with nice results. Very stable, up to 16 tracks simultaneous recording at up to 24/48. It...