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  1. Veance

    affordable Brass VST

    Does anyone know of a affordable Brass vst that I can use in ableton?
  2. Veance

    Free ambient vst's

    I'm working on a new rocksong in wich I need some ambient sounds I can adjust to my needs. Are there some good free vst's I can find somewhere?
  3. Veance

    'In times of despair'

    How could I've known That love isn't fair it's like a mirage on the truth How could could I know if love wasn't there I wouldn't have any clue Blind as I am I've fallen for you But I can't believe that you're true I mustn't believe anything that you say And see behind the face you display...
  4. Veance

    soar troat

    When I sing a few songs, my troat hurts. So I guess my singing skill suck?
  5. Veance

    mass (mess) of recorded files

    When I work on a project in ableton , I create a large amount of files from recording. But they all gett stacked in a sample folder. Is there an easy fast way to recognice all files that I use in that project and delete the rest or do I have to delete them manualy?
  6. Veance


    I want to use violins in midi, but can I bend a midi note like a string on a guitar? If yes, how do I do that in ableton?
  7. Veance

    Advice on improving sound

    (edit) Hi, I followed as much advice as I could and made some changes. For the time being it's on youtube. But i'll remove it in a while. If someone cares to listen and has something to say about it here it is : (original post) Any advice on improving whatever on this song would be...
  8. Veance

    Devine BM-600

    I use a devine BM-600 for voice recording. Would this be a relativally good mic for acoustic guitars as wel? Or does it depend on other things
  9. Veance

    Last of the new newbies

    Sounds like a title for a movie... Hi, I gues i'm the newest newbie here. My name is Veance and I'm playing guitar for a while now. I never gotten into a band but nonetheless I like creating music. There's always music playing in my head. When I make music I can hear how it should sound like...