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  1. alexson

    What video editing software do you use?

    I am using "Filmora 9" software used for video editing.
  2. alexson

    let me see your studio!

    Hello Hiya, Your studio looks good.
  3. alexson

    Rock song: Cave Paintings

    It's awesome rocking song.
  4. alexson

    New Members: Introduce Yourself Here!

    Hello , I am alexson music composer having 7 years of experience.
  5. alexson

    Just a New Guy

    Hello, Welcome to this forum. Nice to meet you. I am sure you will learn a lot here.
  6. alexson

    Which instrument is too loud?

    Drum is too louder instrument.
  7. alexson

    Drums in the mix

    Hello Adzsam, I like your effort. You can do much better than this.