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    Joe Biden........

    With all this talk about guns, shootings, elections.... No one is discussing the merits, or lack of, regarding our current president. Is he doing a Good job? Or terrible job?J
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    Our future?

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    The comedian of rock and roll

    Yup, Joe Walsh. Love his music, and live he always makes me laugh. Never seemed to take himself too seriously. Here’s a good live tune.
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    Yup, the Doobie Brothers. Probably not too many know they have a new album out. Completely back to their roots. Such a great band largely overlooked in today’s world of corporate pop
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    Yup, Robin Trower. Great after all these years. I think he’s 74 now? Still got it, still going strong
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    Anyone understand DAT machines??? (Tech question)

    Ok here’s the deal. Perfectly functioning DA30. Taken out of use for remodel. One year. Plug it in and find out I had a left a Dat tape inside. It came out with part of the tape exposed. (Like when your cassette deck tries to eat your tape) Test it out with another tape. Music plays but...
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    I hate my digital mixes!!!!

    Tonight I came across a box of old cassette tapes I completely forgot about. Played them and went wow! Even on crap type 1 tape, they sounded light years better than any digital mixes I’ve done of the same exact tunes. Back story..... For the last few years I’ve been transferring my tape multi...
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    Weirdest gig you’ve played?

    I’ll start. Little bit of background first. Had a band with two Australian brothers with a real hokey band name that was cool at the time when all things Aussie were popular. “Outback” We we’re doing your basic Australian rock. Got a gig through the Australian embassy in Los Angeles. The...
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    Haven’t seen much here on this topic. I’m very curious as to what you all think about the Truckers in Canada. Good/bad, guesses on outcome??? I’ll leave my own opinions out of this thread. I won’t be posting, just reading. 😎
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    Got a new boss pedal

    A 40th anniversary Boss SD1 overdrive . I have an early 80s sd1 that I’ve had forever and love. Like those much better than tubescreamers. You can get a bit more gain out of the boss, and the mids aren’t so boosted. It’s a more natural overdrive that retains more of your guitars tone. The...
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    A favorite song from yesteryear

    This is an old one, and I picked a live version. The live version really shows off the talent this band has. Ah, pre auto tune, pre Pro Tools, pre snap to a grid, pre Superior Drummer, etc. Just good old fashioned well rehearsed musicians. 👍🏼 Much to be learned from this.
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    Time to move on.

    Had some life changes. The studio is packed up . Quit my band, don’t know when I’ll be getting back to music. Have had a great time here and met some good folks, learned some things, had some great conversations...... But all good things come to an end. Wish you all a fond farewell...
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    Home Covid19 beer test ;)

    This is a very good, affordable, accurate home test. Also, you’re fully practicing proper social distancing. 1) get a lot of beer (gonna be in lockdown for a while) 2) open a can and se if you can smell it. 3) if you can smell it, drink it to see if you can taste it. If you can both smell...
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    Calm in a sea of turbulence

    Yup. Here’s some feeling good stuff. Sweetwater! What a great company. I’m on my third rep now. I hardly buy anything from them. I think I’ve spent about 1500 bucks with them over the last 5 years. Don’t get me wrong, I get plenty of gear, just not from an online retail store. My ‘new’...
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    Going backwards

    One of my bandmates and I had a conversation. He recently got into digital daw recording. Been at it for about a year and has had extensive analog experience. He says and I quote. “The more I learn the worse my mixes get. In the old days it was so easy.” I thought about this for a while...
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    HR graveyard??

    All day traffic has seemed super slow. As of a few minutes ago there were only 2 posts within the last hour and the next most recent one 3 hours ago. Hmmm
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    Tascam 112 issues

    I have a thread up in the analog forum, but I'm hoping here might get some traction. History: Worked fine started eating tapes replaced idlers. Problem solved After a period of non use it stopped playing and play function acted just like fast forward Current: It had loose belts I...
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    New (old) Peavy Bandit 65 solo series

    Yeah, picked one of these up for a hundred bucks. A 1983 Super clean, came all original with cover and footswitch. I used to be in a band where it was running a Marshall and the other guitarist had a 2 12 Peavy combo. He had the sparkly clean and I had the crunchy. It was a great combination...
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    Tascam 112 playback is on crack!#!

    Fired up the machine after sitting unused for awhile to digitize some old tapes. Worked fine the last time I used it. This time, I popped the tape in and hit rewind. ....all good. Hit play and it's going at ff or rewind speeds. Tried the google and didn't find anything. Any ideas before I...
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    Rewired my 2010 R9 Les Paul

    I've always liked the way my Les Paul looks, feels and plays. Not to mention how jealous my guitar playing buddy, who is a bit more poor, gets when I pop open that brown lifton reissue case. Yeah, it's pretty sweet with it's faded burst flametop and one of the last Brazilian boards. However I...