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  1. jamesperrett

    Could REALLY use some help - thank you in advance

    Could you be recording the instrument input at the same time as the mic input? How much noise do you get with the gains turned all the way down?
  2. jamesperrett

    Are mixing tutorials worth watching?

    I haven't watched any of the linked videos but in general there is so much rubbish on YouTube on the subject of mixing that it confuses more than helps. People think that they need to have a complex signal chain on every channel because that's what they think the pros do. One resource that is...
  3. jamesperrett

    DIY Impedance Control; Condenser Mic

    My Audient ASP008 has switchable input impedance on all the mic inputs of 200, 1.2k and 5k ohms. This is very handy for me when doing live recordings using a split from the PA as I can use the 5k setting to reduce the additional loading on the mic. When I first bought it I did a quick test using...
  4. jamesperrett

    Strange Reaper behavior after Windows update

    I lost the webcam after the latest Windows 10 update so I uninstalled the update and all was fine again. There were no problems with Reaper as far as I could tell in the short time I used it with the update.
  5. jamesperrett

    How to configure a Fostex R8 to slave from a DAW

    You feed it SMPTE timecode. Reaper can generate this and send it to one of the outputs on your audio interface which (as I understand it) you then connect to the master SMPTE input on the 4030. If you aren't using Reaper then I believe that there are plug-ins that will achieve the same thing.
  6. jamesperrett

    How to configure a Fostex R8 to slave from a DAW

    I would guess that you use the same synchroniser settings as on the earlier 8 tracks like the Model 80.
  7. jamesperrett

    midi fader control

    I enjoy using a Frontier Alphatrack when I want to be able to adjust a physical fader. It works well in Reaper if you use the third party software plug-in. I think the Presonus Faderport is the nearest current equivalent to the Alphatrack.
  8. jamesperrett

    Age - when does it become a problem?

    I still hear good mixes made by people older than me and I've just reached 60. One of the problems we have now is that we have so many choices when we mix which can lead to constant tweaking and much confusion. I avoid using templates and long processing chains wherever possible and I'm finding...
  9. jamesperrett

    Our Terry

    Toyah is still doing regular gigs and releasing new albums. Cherry Red are also releasing her old albums from 40 years ago in sequence. The latest reissue is her live album - Toyah! Toyah! Toyah! which came out last month and features a couple of mixes that I did as bonus tracks (though I only...
  10. jamesperrett

    Strange Thing Happened In Reaper

    Are you renaming the files using Reaper's Media Item Properties dialog (F2)? If you use that then Reaper will automatically use the new name in the project. If you rename the file outside Reaper you have to manually change the file that Reaper points to in the project.
  11. jamesperrett

    Question about Mineral Wool

    As with Rockwool, Knauf Earthwool comes in many different types and Earthwool RS60 is the direct equivalent of Rockwool RW3. I have RS60 in my studio and have installed RW3 in other peoples' studios. They are very similar.
  12. jamesperrett

    Remote direction of session via Zoom

    Whenever I've done this I've used a separate computer for the director's call (via Skype in my case) with its inputs and outputs going to normal channels on the mixer. I can then send the signal as foldback to the performer and send the performer's signal from a group output on the desk to the...
  13. jamesperrett

    tascam 38 with no mixer

    The Tascam works at -10dBV levels which is similar to the line levels used in hifi systems but lower than the levels used in professional studios. You will need something to amplify the mic signals up to that level and then you will need something to mix the outputs from the Tascam together. You...
  14. jamesperrett

    Scarlet 6i6 1st gen vs UMC404HD

    I don't think that buying another cheap interface will help your latency problem. You need to be looking at a more up-market interface like an RME or possibly MOTU. In my experience RME drivers can work at much lower buffer sizes than other USB drivers on my machine.
  15. jamesperrett

    Plugin to automate volume tracking?

    I can't speak for Rob but in Reaper I'd use stretch markers and just squeeze and stretch the backing vocals to match. However, I'd prefer to have a reasonably well matched vocal to start with so that I only needed to work on the odd syllable here and there.
  16. jamesperrett

    Decoding DBX Tapes

    I found a description of a similar setup for Protools somewhere on the web and adapted it for Reaper. On the first project that I used it on I tweaked the expander ratio down to about 1.8:1 instead of 2:1 because that gave me a sound closer to the reference mix of the multitrack that I was...
  17. jamesperrett

    Decoding DBX Tapes

    Yes, there are a few different ways of doing this. 1. Uhe's Satin tape emulation plug-in can decode a number of different types of noise reduction including both types of DBX, Dolby A and Dolby B. 2. Anaxwaves make a DBX decoder which works both stand-alone and as a plug-in. 3. It is possible...
  18. jamesperrett

    How to configure a Fostex R8 to slave from a DAW

    I hadn't realised that the R8 had a connector for the 4030. In that case I wouldn't use the MTC1 at all as you'll only confuse things. Let the 4030 control everything.
  19. jamesperrett

    Plugin to automate volume tracking?

    You could try using a gate with the sidechain being fed by the lead vocal track. That way, the backing vocals would automatically stop when the lead vocal stops. If you have more than one backing vocal track then it might be easier to combine all the backing vocal tracks into a folder and put...
  20. jamesperrett

    Best or good enough Windows environment for Sonar 7

    It seems sensible except that you won't be able to use the UR242 as the phantom power source. The ART Pro Channel Strip would have to provide the phantom power if your mic needs it.