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    Very cool..nice to hear something different every once in a while. Kind of reminds me of John Paul Jones' Zooma album...specifically the prominent low end and unorthodox rock style....
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    "Betrayed By The Cheese"

    What is that cool effect on the solo at 1:10? IMO i think for an instrumental you may need more of a 'hook'. That little riff is cool but not sure it can carry the track? perhaps it'll grab me more though in a proper band context. :) You have a great guitar tone.
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    "Space Farmer"

    I was expecting psytrance from that opening....but it developed into a rather tasty track! Enjoyed that.
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    El Loco - (Rock, Flamenco, Metal..)

    Thanks kdub...I mixed very fast so that's encouraging. V minimal eq other than high pass ... Levels get u most of the way there I find, plus having everything in its own octave range. I'll give everyone else's track a listen once I'm back from holiday (can't judge very well from a phone speaker)
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    El Loco - (Rock, Flamenco, Metal..)

    Quick mix on a track based on a brutal character named Lope de Aguiree, aka El Loco, aka Wrath of God, and his quest for El Dorado. Goes from rock and electronica to flamenco, and then death metal to finish the track up. I'll have another go at the mix once I get back from hols - feel free to...
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    Funky The Clown (Playtime's Over) - Rock, Doom, Experimental

    Thanks for listening. Those are my thoughts also - I‘ve always struggled with mixing drums. Glad to have someone highlight that as I can give it more attention.
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    Enya - exile cover (instrumental slide)

    Thanks Jason.... if i'm being honest, i'm not too happy with it....the slide guitar is no replacement for the original vocals, in that it can't carry the song without becoming too monotonous.
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    Enya - exile cover (instrumental slide)

    I'll have to go back and tweak this so I'm open to any thoughts and suggestions. Listen to Enya Exile Cover by Sonoptic on #SoundCloud
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    Evening Star - "Live drums/resampled" blended

    Too much compression on the vocals perhaps? Also excessive siblance on the cymbals. It might work just to lower those in the mix instead of EQing. Great song btw.
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    This was a pleasant listen. What effect is that on the vocals - double tracking? Listening to some of your other tracks, great stuff.
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    "No Strings On Me"

    I think the YES comparison is a little harsh - it's not that bad surely? ;) :p
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    Funky The Clown (Playtime's Over) - Rock, Doom, Experimental

    Worked a little on stereo imaging - plus humanising the drums a bit
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    More From the Wayback Machine

    It's really fine as is, I'm just projecting my own prefs. :) yeah most software verbs are bad... The best spring verb emulation I've found is the one by black rooster audio (quite taxing on CPU however). Best general purpose is Valhalla vintage verb which is amazing value for money but doesn't...
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    Funky The Clown (Playtime's Over) - Rock, Doom, Experimental

    thanks for the listen fellas
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    "Hear the call", new single from Bats Brew

    Yeah that's what i'm talking 'bout. the drums drive things along nicely.
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    More From the Wayback Machine

    Nicely mixed - enjoyed the song. But I'm missing some reverb? Could just be a symptom of listening to too much shoegaze stuff recently :D I imagine some spring reverb emulation would work well considering the era.
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    New Song Using Neural Gojira DSP Guitar Sim

    I've been impressed by those neural DSP sims everytime i've heard them. The song's good - nice guitar playing, but I'd make those drums a lot louder. Also add more impact to the snare and some verb to the vocals as they sound too dry. Is there a bass guitar lol? If so, it's veeery low in the mix.
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    "No Strings On Me"

    Sounds good to me (reminds me of Minutemen). I'd like to hear the mixed version once you have it done. I'd probably try to differentiate the last verse that plays out the song - maybe introduce another instrument, add double stops an octave up etc. :)
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    Find the Cost of Freedom

    Really nice harmonisation on the vocals...dunno if it's just my headphones colourising things a bit, but i'd maybe add a 'smidgen' more bass to the acoustic? Very much a nit pick though. This got me me to seek out some CS&N stuff on youtube.