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  1. xb2003

    Sync Tempo with Audio Tracks

    I'm using Logic Pro X. I have some songs that were live performances multi tracked with an XR18 as we were performing. Im trying without success to sync the tempo up with the audio (I understand it won't be perfect) to do some rhythmic delays. Whenever I changed the Tempo it just moves the audio...
  2. xb2003

    Opportunities for the iPad (Musically)

    I have always had the attitude that tablets were fairly pointless. They are expensive and less functional than a laptop. Recently I was given an iPad 4 and I'm definitely seeing some merit. There seems to be a solid amount of recording stuff out there for this device. But I'm wondering what...
  3. xb2003

    S/PDIF Pops

    I'm using a 50' "Digital Coax" cable to hook my audio interface to my home theater receiver. The cable is a brand new Monoprice 75 ohm cable. I'm just kind of wondering how (for lack of a better word) robust S/PDIF over coax at 50' would be. if I mess with the cable some of the receiver side...
  4. xb2003

    Monoprice Monitors

    Has anyone used Monoprice's monitors? I'm looking to pick up some monitors for surrounds, and I was wondering if people have used these. On a side note, 305's are $100 a pop. JBL LSR305 Professional Studio Monitor (PACK OF 2): Musical...
  5. xb2003

    5.1 Setup

    I'm wanting to make a 5.1 setup for the sake of playing games, mixing in surround, and watching movies on my computer. I do not do anything professional, I just enjoy this type of thing and surround sound intrigues me. I have 2 JBL LSR 2328p's that are my main monitors now, and I also have a JBL...
  6. xb2003

    18i20 Seemingly High Latency

    My bass rig consists of using Guitar Rig 5 into a power amp into a cabinet. I had been using my PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL as the interface, but recently I stuck my 18i20 in there for 2 reasons: it is rack mountable, and I can rout one of the extra outputs to be a line out to send to a mixer...
  7. xb2003

    Headphones for Drumset at Church

    Right now, my church uses stage monitors for the drummer (who is often me) and I would like to switch over to using headphones. We have an in-wall snake running from the booth to the stage, and I am just trying to decide the best way to go about doing this. I'm torn between: Buying a cheap...
  8. xb2003

    Tascam dm 3200

    I am in a pinch. I was called into a school 15 minutes before the first showing of a play, asked to help with sound. Its the next day and there are 4 shows to go. I have about 6 hours until the next.. I am on a TASCAM DM-3200. This is not a board I am familiar with, but I am starting to get the...
  9. xb2003

    Help with Improving Room

    I'm into recording as well as listening to music and I would like to improve the sound in my basement some. I know that the bass response varies a lot depending on where you are in the room, and it would be nice to mellow that out a little. My basement has a lot of corners though, and a pole. So...
  10. xb2003

    Creating Certain Sound

    A couple of friends of mine are recording a cover of this song for our Volleyball team. I'm not real big into hip hop, or whatever sub genera this is considered. But basically, starting at 50 seconds in this, you get the horns doing that rhythm that repeats, the music box, and of course the...
  11. xb2003

    FP10 vs Firestudio Project

    I'm trying to get an 8 channel interface for recording drums. I bought a Firestudio Project used from Guitar Center and the idiots sent me a faulty product. But I bought it and I didn't realize that it was not compatible with Audiobox's VSL program, so I was a little disappointed. Anyways Guitar...
  12. xb2003

    Enhancing My Basement for Recording & Practice

    I'm trying to find a place to start with all of this, but I really need a couple of suggestions to get going. I have been reading around on this forum and others, and I just need some ideas. Basically I'm a spoiled high school kid with a band and a dream(the band is not the dream..). I have a...
  13. xb2003

    MXL 920 for $100

    I already have that AT2035 ordered, but should i try to cancel that and go for this mic? I cant find many reviews on it. Anyone used it? I see that it doesnt have a Low Cut or a 10db switch, but i could at least cut the lows with an EQ? Or would i not get the same effect? Thanks.
  14. xb2003

    Condenser or Ribbon for $150 or so

    Hey, I'm just getting into recording, and i don't have much of a budget at this point, but id really like to get a Condenser or a Ribbon for cymbals, acoustic guitar, and vocals. I get that its not going to be a super high quality mic, and it may lack in some areas, but i think that even an...
  15. xb2003

    Processor For DAW

    Sometime soon im hopefully going to build a DAW. Im not going to have much to spend, and i was wondering if the AMD FX's or Phenom x4's would be better then a Sandy Bridge i3. Opinions?