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  1. JDOD

    roller bridges

    I have a roller bridge and its very nice indeed. Its handy 'cos its through body strung so I have quite a steep break angle behind the bridge. The one I have provides lots of options for moving back and forth, side to side and up and down so I can really get detailed on the intonation. I had...
  2. JDOD

    Hi all, As you know I don't post here much anymore. Myself and a bunch of others that used to mainly post in The Tone Thread have started our own forum called The Recording Rebels. So, if you miss the input of knowledgeable users like Greg_L, Bubba Po, Armistice and Lt. Bob etc pop over and...
  3. JDOD

    Affordable distortions for metal.

    Sohail - there's loads of pointless chatter going on in the Tone Thread so I'll post these clips here so you can find them more easily: OK, here's some very high gain tones using a Boss DS1 and a Boss SD1 - both should be cheap and easily available in Kathmandu. The DS1 is set with the level...
  4. JDOD

    The New Tone Thread

    OK, here's some very high gain tones using a Boss DS1 and a Boss SD1 - both should be cheap and easily available in Kathmandu. The DS1 is set with the level and tone both at about 12 O'Clock. High Gain is with the gain all the way up, Medium Gain is with the gain somewhere between half and...
  5. JDOD

    D Key - early test mix

    Alright, Not sure what I want to do with this one- there's parts I like and parts I don't like. The chorus just starts, its like there's no build up to it. It definitely needs a bigger drum fill on the way in but I think it might be more than that. Can't decide whether the chorus vocal needs...
  6. JDOD

    EQ Pedals

    Been looking at EQ Pedals (not been looking that hard) My shortlist was a 2nd hand MXR 10 Band if I can find one or a new Boss 7 Band. Any other suggestions? I just came across this on eBay too: Seems like a cheap...
  7. JDOD

    The New Tone Thread

    Anyway, gold star to anyone who can guess what this punk cover is gonna be of ;)
  8. JDOD

    Unusual heat/humidity question

    Room is a bloody mess at the moment and I rode my bike in there after checking the surf... but you get the idea
  9. JDOD

    Unusual heat/humidity question

    My house has two small (by USA standards) living rooms. One of which is my guitar/music room. They both have hideous old fire places, neither of which has a fire anymore. But I'm thinking of sticking log burning stoves in them both. Should keep the whole house pretty warm, be carbon neutral and...
  10. JDOD

    The New Tone Thread

    Bob, hope your wife is OK. But, speaking of colons, I've had horrendous food poisoning for the later half of the week which is why I've not been on here - My colon, along with the rest of my intestines is completely empty! :facepalm: :eek: Starting trying to play the guitar again today and its...
  11. JDOD

    No Choice

    OK, can't add to the original post 'cos its too old - but I've totally re-mixed this now - can you take a listen:
  12. JDOD

    Paranoid - (slightly punk) Black Sabbath Cover

    Cheers, I'll have a look at what I can do, this is only drums, two guitar tracks, one bass track and a dual vocal. Nothing is chopped up. So it should be an easy one to practice my mixing with. I do seem to have reached the end of my ability with this mixing bollocks for now though, not sure...
  13. JDOD

    Paranoid - (slightly punk) Black Sabbath Cover

    Evening gents, Don't do many covers but I figured this would be an easy one for me to stick together to practice my mixing before I crack on with any more of my own. Its been pretty handy for practicing my singing too - I knew I could do a high E, didn't realise till I started that the Brummie...
  14. JDOD

    The New Tone Thread

    Here's the riff and tone I was working on last weekend - finsihed writing the music and re-tracked the whole thing this today after re-stringing my washburn and sticking it on the left. The Washburn is a much thicker tone than the pointy Ibanez.
  15. JDOD

    Commercial Music Pricing

    Can someone explain this shit to me: I just went on to Amazon to buy an album to download. Its £8.29 for the set of MP3s. If I buy the CD its £8.21 and it comes with a free MP3 download of the album. I've just bought the CD, but one of the wise old souls at would explain this to me I'd...
  16. JDOD


    They've now released two songs of their upcoming album... they're both pretty good. I'm starting to think it might actually be good!
  17. JDOD


    Can't be arsed to waste money on a new bass - I have far more pressing issues on my wallet, so I'm gonna work with what I have. Right, these are my two shit basses: Bass 1 (red) and Bass 2 (burst) Bass 1: Plays pretty well, feels comfortable, looks pretty cool and basic (just a plank with a...
  18. JDOD

    The New Tone Thread

    Guys, sorry about the excess of tones this weekend but I've just started working on something else too. Haven't finished writing it yet but any input you guys can give me on how I should go about the tones or mix would be great. I'm pretty pleased with it so far and its a good cure for the...
  19. JDOD

    Can Someone Explain the basics

    Never really tried anything do with "mastering" before. I just leave my master fader in Reaper well alone. Anyway, I just added the standard Reaper "JS:Master Limter" to my master FX. Left all the presets well alone. I've now applied it to a few different projects and it just makes everything...
  20. JDOD

    Nigel Farrage Blues

    Still playing stuff which is way outside my usual genre - need to get back to punk and grunge after this! This came about 'cos I came up with the initial lead lick, which I thought sounded a) quite cool and, b) a little like Parisian Walkways. So I just worked out what chords I was hearing in...