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    Any of you familiar with Harley Benton Guitars?

    I was thinking of ordering one of their guitars to Mod... the shipping is almost the same price as the guitar though. :P Still going to order it eventually I think... though I want to do a little more research on inlays first... (I want to make my own custom inlay and I assume I'll definitely...
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    Conquering Impostor Syndrome

    It says: "Here are my songs" and "Here is where to follow me monetizing my stuff" ;) I don't have Spotify so I can't listen to the music... but it seems that quite a few of the songs are on both albums... I guess because you were able to record them better at a studio or something... but if you...
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    Loop track without a lag

    If looping it in the DAW has no issues, why not just render the entire 3hr track from the DAW and insert that into your Video, then you won't have to worry about the "in between" or "editing" in the Video editor?
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    Stereo or double with virtual guitars

    Just remember that it won't be a "double" if using the same Virtual Guitar on 2 panned tracks, just like it wouldn't be a double by using the same Guitar DI on 2 panned tracks. You might be able to get a "double" by using Ample Guitar on 1 track and Ujam Guitar on another track (assuming that...
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    Early Brandi Carlisle

    Cool to be able to catch such an early show. I'm not familiar with her, but I did a cover version of her song The Joke, for an annual "Gift of Music" a couple of years ago that someone had requested.
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    midi fader control

    I use both a PreSonus Faderport (v1) which is a motorized fader with Transport controls along with a Nektar Panorama P1 control surface with Reaper. There is a video that also popped up on my feed the other day that might help too.
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    Clipping/peaking out

    Since you're just starting out with a DAW, I highly recommend Reaper instead of Audacity (which is a decent FREE editor, but not really a DAW). They're both "FREE", one just has a nag screen that asks you to click on "OK" after X days or so which you can pay $60 to get rid of once you feel like...
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    MT drummer editing question

    Also, if you're not concerned with keeping the MIDI files as separate "sections" you can always select all of them that you've dragged in and "Glue" them to be one long MIDI file that you can then Right Click the Snare note on the Piano in the Piano Roll and edit them all from one MIDI Editor...
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    Problem installing plugins: message file corrupt

    Ah! Sorry, I don't own a Mac so I didn't understand that part (Rosetta). It's possible your Download is corrupt and it can't read the data properly to install. You can try downloading with another web-browser to see if that solves the issue. Otherwise, I'm all out of ideas and will have to wait...
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    Problem installing plugins: message file corrupt

    Not 100% sure, but if it's a new MacBook Pro, it's probably that M1 chip or whatever and anything that came out in 2013 with your Scarlett possibly/probably does not work with an M1 MacBook Pro.
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    Lying with statistics

    Also... some people are neither Democrat or Republican and still vote.
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    Scarlet 6i6 1st gen vs UMC404HD

    All of these interfaces, regardless of price will perform similarly in regards to Latency. The interface is not your problem. It's either your driver, your PC specs or the FX you're using.
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    MT drummer editing question

    Right click the Piano Note of the snare to select all the snare notes at once in the Piano Roll with your mouse. Then lower all of their velocities.
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    Scarlet 6i6 1st gen vs UMC404HD

    I don't know anything about Scarlet's but my UMC202HD has served me well for many, many years now. The Midas preamps are good and it even records up to 192kHz (though I don't do that). However you may want to look into different ASIO drivers or something like ASIO4ALL to rule out "old drivers"...
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    Phase issue in mono

    If you're using the same virtual guitar... with the same MIDI notes... that isn't "double tracking" and will indeed (even if the virtual guitar uses multiple samples per note round robin style randomization) result in "phasing" issues when forced to Mono. Either use 2 different virtual guitars...
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    Phase issue in mono

    Yeah, don't sacrifice your Stereo Mix for some Mono compatibility unless it COMPLETELY makes your track unlistenable or something. Or unless you're going to be listening on some craptastic Mono speaker for some reason, then by all means make yourself happy. Double tracked/panned instruments will...
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    Plugin to automate volume tracking?

    Or just throw that Lead Vocal in Melodyne, move it to the proper Harmony notes and sing along to that without the original Lead Vocal in your ears.
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    Plugin to automate volume tracking?

    How are you recording this? Straight through in one long take? The best way to record these background harmony vocals would be to do them in small snippets at a time, on loop... then you can follow the phrasing perfectly and get the best take you can. If you do this all in one huge straight...
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    Explaining “what style of music do you write?”

    I guess you'd say... you write 70's-80's-90's Pop or Pop Rock. I personally have a hard time writing/recording in the "same" style all the time (which is why I have about 30 different side projects) as each song is a totally different thing... it's just how it comes out. Synth Pop to Black...
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    My studio build

    Looking forward to the new pictures... I'm currently wiring my patch bays as well... do you have a wiring plan on how you're doing your patch bays? I know signal flow usually goes from the Outputs on the top to the Inputs on the bottom but curious how other people are using them.