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    Chicago area guitar show May 19-20

    For everyone in the Chicago area this weekend, there is a guitar show in villa park. Lots of new and used guitars and amps from multiple vendors. My buddy's new amp company will be there as well.
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    Has anyone used the Tascam US-2x2?

    A friend asked about decent interfaces that are on the cheap side, but everything I came up with off the top of my head has been discontinued. (it's been a while since i was in the loop) What are the good 2 channel interfaces today?
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    This guy is awesome!

    Skip ahead to about a minute in
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    Terasyne Amplifiers

    I know this will come off spammy, especially since I have a relationship with the company... But I'm pretty excited that these things are finally real and we have a sound clip. Terasyne Amplification  |  Artist Amplified
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    RIP Jimmy Bain

    We've lost another one. Jimmy was the bass player for Rainbow, Dio and a few other bands. Former Rainbow/Dio Bassist Jimmy Bain Dead At 68 -
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    Another song I'm too close too...

    I'm just wanting to finish and archive listenable versions of some songs from my old band. The problem is, I've been listening to the scratch mixes for going on 10 years and I'm having a hard time hearing them any other way. I could use some help. Her Demise
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    Langevin Dual Vocal Combo

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!!! I'm finally letting this go. It's an awesome preamp with an LA3A-style limiter on each channel and shelving EQ. It is great on everything, but especially vocals. The limiter can get crazy reduction before you even hear it. It has the classic vocal sound of the 70's and...
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    From an old band of mine, when I was impersonating a drummer... The band was called Fugue, the song called Descention.
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    Repercussions of a failed music industry

    It came to my attention today that a former client of mine is releasing a new album. He is a former rock star that is no longer associated with the band that made him famous. Unfortunately, he is still under the impression that people should give him stuff for free, and that the record labels...
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    20 year old Munsters theme

    Greg's post reminded me of this. This is probably from 1995 or so
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    AKG D-112 and four Senn MD 504's

    Anyone interested, before I ebay them? AKG D112 $125 + shipping Good condition, studio use only and it comes with the mic clip. Sennheiser md 504's $150 + shipping. These are the clip on drum mics, the predecessor to the e604. All are in used but good condition. One has a screen that...
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    For sale: Radial Reamp kit

    Radial Reamp Kit | eBay The full kit, both the J48 and the x-amp in a zebra case.
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    Radial Reamp Kit

    Up for sale is a Radial reamp kit. It includes the Radial J-48 active DI and the Radial X-amp active reamp box which has two isolated direct outputs and a level control. This is the best system available and it comes in a sturdy Zebra case. It was used in a smoke free studio. $275 obo
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    Studio equipment for sale from Farview Recording

    Everythign is sold except the Tripp lite This Amek 9098 preamp is one of the secrets to the guitar sound I get at Farview I have two Furman PL-8 power conditioners And a Behringer headphone amp Next thursday this auction ends: Tripp Lite Rackmount Isobar Protection 14 Outlets LCR2400...
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    Farview sells some big stuff!

    Out with the old, in with the new! Farview Recording is changing its focus, so I'm getting rid of a bunch of stuff. All prices are obo. Soundcraft Ghost: 32 channel with mute groups. Summings busses and some channels upgraded and modified by Creation Audio Labs. It comes with a custom...
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    Digital sampling and stair-stepping explained

    I found this video posted on another forum and thought it would be useful here. D/A and A/D | Digital Show and Tell (Monty Montgomery @ - YouTube
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    New original musical!

    I have been asked to record the cast album and do sound design for an original musical based on a little known composer, Charles Alkan. It incorporates some of his music in the themes of the songs, so the music isn't the typical musical theater type stuff. It is called Etude, the Musical. It...
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    stupid question

    Do anyone know of any forums where people who design amplifiers (hi-fi, PA, mic preamps, etc...) hang out? (besides here) There is a high school kid in the area that designs and build amps with strange topologies that I have never heard of or understand. I would like to encourage him, but I...
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    Tascam DA-88, DA-38s and remote

    I have a Tascam DA-88, two DA-38's and the RC-848 remote for them all for sale on ebay. I have no problem doing a transaction outside of ebay, if you are interested PM me. eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices eBay - New & used...
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    making the center of a room the sweet spot?

    Is there any way to do this? My room is 19 ft wide and 25 ft deep (ish, it's a little more complicated than that) and the sweet spot is currently right about the edge of the mixing board. It would be nice to move it back about 3 feet, but that is the middle of the room. I can't get much...