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  1. Monkey Allen

    Country Mile

    Hi, how does this mix sound your end? First song here called Country Mile. Thanks for listening and any advice (y)
  2. Monkey Allen

    Identify this guitar pick

    Can anyone identify this guitar pick? All markings are gone. I can't remember where I got it, but have had it about 10 years I suppose. It's roughly 1mm thick, maybe like 1.1mm and the grip...the grey area seems to be some kind of cross between super fine sandpaper, graphite and that stuff they...
  3. Monkey Allen

    Building a Fire

    How does this mix sound? If that link doesn't work, it's the first song here: Thanks for listening :)
  4. Monkey Allen

    Perceived Volume

    I've done measurements of pro songs and some of my songs in terms of RMS value...the average volume/ level of the song. I've measured some of my songs to be -12db RMS for example and then measured some pro songs that are -15db RMS....and the pro songs sound effortlessly louder than mine. I'm not...
  5. Monkey Allen

    Goose Stepping

    How's the mix? First song here: Thanks :thumbs up:
  6. Monkey Allen

    Mixing SOS

    Before I go into my problem I should outline my setup: (Please skip to the questions under the BOLD font below, if you'd rather not read all the following boring crap) 1. Home recording in small spare bedroom maybe 5m x 4m or so (16ft x 13ft). Wooden floors with a rug on a third of it. Prime...
  7. Monkey Allen


    Any advice on this mix...first song here called Melinda: Thanks (y)
  8. Monkey Allen

    Consecration Day

    Hey, any advice on this mix? First song here: Thank you
  9. Monkey Allen

    Clown World

    How's the mix? Thank you
  10. Monkey Allen

    Push Me Down the Hill

    Any mix advice for this song? First song here: Thanks
  11. Monkey Allen

    What aren't I doing wrong?

    Dudes, I've been recording on and off for let's say 3 or 4 years now. In truth I've been dabbling since around 2005 or so...but only in the last few years with a room to do it in and some decent gear. I'm a home hobby dude...guitar player...mediocre...not a good singer, especially when the mic...
  12. Monkey Allen

    Sound of Drums

    Any suggestions for this mix? First song here: Thanks for listening
  13. Monkey Allen

    Soundcloud swells and ducks song

    I've put quite a few mixes up on soundcloud and have not had this issue. But my most recent song has this crazy thing going on...but pretty much is only evident when listening on my laptop, where the volume of the mix (especially in the first 30 or so seconds) swells at times and at other times...
  14. Monkey Allen

    Fool Up

    Any mix advice for this song? First song called "Fool Up" at this link: Thanks for listening
  15. Monkey Allen

    One of a Kind

    Edit: Removed because it sucks
  16. Monkey Allen

    I Feel Alright

    Any mixing advice here... It's the first song here if that link doesn't work: Thanks for your advice (y)
  17. Monkey Allen

    Martin om28 waist binding

    Hi all, I have a Martin om28 that has had the binding in the waist area become unglued for the past 3 winters as (I guess) both the wood and the plastic binding contract with the change in conditions. Each time over the last 3 winters I have glued it back with Titebond. I know that Titebond...
  18. Monkey Allen

    Captain Slappy

    Any mix advice for this song: If that link fails it's the first song here: Thanks a lot
  19. Monkey Allen

    Head of the Company

    Any advice for this mix? First song here: Head of the Company Thank you for listening (y)
  20. Monkey Allen

    All Day Long - Mix advice

    Any advice or thoughts on the mix here: Thanks a lot