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  1. Blue Jinn

    Klark-Teknik KT-2A Users

    Anyone here using one? So just picked one of these up pre-modded. (More expensive tubes (!) and the Kenetek T4B) Always wanted an optical comp (built the EPFM one, but have never put it in a case) Just looking for input on setting it up. Haven't tried it out yet. The output meter has a +10dB...
  2. Blue Jinn

    Printing Threads - HOWTO?????

    So, a long while ago, when the user interface was different you could click on a "print thread" or a "thread view" icon, and well, print an entire thread. That feature seems to have been 'Upgraded' away, with a prettier, but less functional interface. Any way to do that? It's a right pain in...
  3. Blue Jinn

    SOLVED: OT: Yamaha TX802 "Trap Error!" Any idea WTF this is?

    I know it's off topic, but folks here tend to know more of the technical side of things. Can't play this with a MIDI keyboard (get that error). Can use it with a MIDI interface and can play it, but it will crash to that error after. e.g. you stop the recording on the DAW. (Using Cakewalk) this...
  4. Blue Jinn

    SOLVED: Yamaha TX802: "Trap Error!" (WTF is it and how do I fix it?)

    TX802. plays fine through MIDI. However, once you record a sequence and stop recording, it gives "Trap Error!" and won't respond. Requiring a power cycle. This is with two different MIDI interfaces Win 10, Behringer Uphoria, latest Cakewalk by Bandlab -or- WinXP, Delta 2496, Cakewalk 9 MIDI...
  5. Blue Jinn

    Cherry Audio ARP Quadra VST

    For US$39 it's worth checking out. Demo is also available that interjects noise every few minutes. I haven't done a side by side with the real thing, but it mimics the look including the plethora of on/off switches and sliders. That can get a little cumbersome with a mouse, but it comes with a...
  6. Blue Jinn

    "Fader lube" discussion: do it, don't do it, use this, use that, or?

    So posting here, but this is applicable also to synths, especially ARPs and Crumars that use sliders instead of knobs. Now hopefully this isn't a car polish on analog tape worthy flame war, but curious as to people's opinions and their preferred stuff. I've heard everything from use nothing, to...
  7. Blue Jinn

    Unbalanced XLR to RCA wiring question

    So I'm trying to wrap my head around the diagram in the owners manual. My Otari has XLR inputs, but is unbalanced (no transformer option installed.) The Otari is pin 3 hot, AFAIK. The XLR cable I have already has XLRs on one end, with wires on pin 2 and 3 and the shield to pin 1...
  8. Blue Jinn

    SPAM: non working JL Cooper PPS-100 & HP 400H VTVM, free pay shipping only.

    I know this is spam, but thought this is the only place anyone would need or want. I plugged in an AC adapter instead of DC to test. Not sure if that fried it or if it just sat too long and died of boredom. Anyway, free just pay shipping. It should fit in a priority mail game box which is $21...
  9. Blue Jinn

    MXL V63m "modded"

    MXL V63m modified condenser microphone. I did the "zapnspark direct connect mod" which eliminates the coupling capacitor between the capsule and the amplifying transistor. I also replaced the stock 32mm "K67" knockoff capsule with a 34mm "K47" style capsule, (similar to the RK47, but from an...
  10. Blue Jinn

    Fostex Model 80

    Fostex Model 80, 8 track reel to reel & second Model 80 for parts. Parts deck is complete except for pinch roller, and capstan won't turn. (This could be belt or motor). Some red LEDs are out on the working deck (a common problem with these) but all LEDs work on the parts deck. Picture is the...
  11. Blue Jinn

    Teac 22-4 opinions

    Good, bad, OK? It's the only four track I own, and thinking of splitting the difference on my multitracks and keeping (against better advice) 2, 4, (1/.4") and 16 (1/2"). I know, I know....but weighing all the options here. (Yes, lucky to *have* this problem in the first place.) Thanks!
  12. Blue Jinn

    So I have way too much gear

    and looking for input as to what to keep and what to sell, because basically it's so overwhelming I spend more time tracking down hum, or re-patching or, ... Here's the inventory: M-520 and Teac 5 boards MSR-16 (and a spare relapped head - 80% per JRF) Tascam 38 with the DX-4Ds; needs minor...
  13. Blue Jinn

    OT: Sony DAT PCM-R300 "CAUTION" displayed

    Hello, I know, off topic, but I don't know where else to post this. So I haven't used this deck in about three months or so. Forgot and left the tape in. Went to fire it up, and got a "CAUTION" warning on the display. No functions (including eject) work. I carefully removed the tape (nothing...
  14. Blue Jinn

    SPAM: Tascam 388, Seattle Craigslist $1,700

    FYI: Ran across this:
  15. Blue Jinn

    6418 tube DI

    So, I had these microphone input transformers Mercury Magnetics L115M, 1:10, but they don't have shielding. I thought, OK use 10:1 and for a DI. I have about a dozen 6418 tubes. I found a couple of Dell 19v laptop PSUs in the ecycling bin at my office building. So, why not. So far, I've...
  16. Blue Jinn

    Alignment tape size question (1.5mil on decks designed for 1mil)

    I missed a screaming deal on two 1/4" MRL tapes on Ebay 7.5 ips and 15 ips 250nWb/m. Per MRL they record on SM911. I found this Fostex All-in-one Calibration Tape, Measuring Tape 38-19 cm/S | eBay instead, which is pretty good deal and both speeds. It's recorded on SM468. Two questions...
  17. Blue Jinn

    Does fader lube work (and what brand??)

    I have an ARP Avatar (Odyssey without keys basically) that has very very stiff sliders. The seller said he squirted something in them, but they stick like all get out and have since I bought it in the mid 90s. Replacing them isn't a project I really want to undertake. I have another ARP of the...
  18. Blue Jinn

    30 Reels $100 Craigslist Seattle area

    15 1/2" and 15 1" analog recording Tapes - electronics - by owner -... Worth it for the reels alone.
  19. Blue Jinn

    Decent soldering iron in the US$20-30 range? Do they exist?

    I don't want to spend a fortune, but the radio shack one I have is a little too big and unstable for delicate work. I manage, but it can get pretty ugly.
  20. Blue Jinn

    Is close enough good enough on calibration? -10dBv=0VU=.316VAC almost

    OK. Just throwing this out there, don't pounce too hard. -10dBv/0VU is supposed to be .316 volts. I have a good AC Voltmeter* that will read that and the MRL tape. But adjusting a tiny trimmer to get there ain't easy, especially for the MSR-16. As long as the reproduce level is close enough...