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    NGD: Seagull S6 Folk Left Handed

    Don't have a pic handy, and anyway this is a rather plain looking guitar, but let me tell you why I am amped about this one: About 15 years ago, I found a S6 Folk at a garage sale in uptown New Orleans. Seller was firm at $75, and I "took a chance" on it. Turned out that was about half it's...
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    Ampeg J12T Worth $500?

    Just saw two on Craigslist, distant cites, for $500 and $400. Really? These are not the p2p wired ones, or vintage- they were 'boards and made in the mid 90's. I like mine, wasn't planning on selling, but if I can get $500... Any opinions?
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    Feeling Charitable Towards Folks Who Get "Creative" With Their Amp Solutions

    Feeling Charitable Towards Folks Who Get "Creative" With Their Amp Solutions Saw a post on CL just now, a guy is selling an "Amp with Speakers" amp with speakers Turns out to be a Rat-Shack 4-channel PA amp and two unknown speakers which someone has glued Bob Marley pix to the backs. At...
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    Westinghouse 6V6 Tubes A Waste In Super Champ XD?

    Recently scored a pair of Westinghouse USA_made 6V6 tubes I got in a grab-bag of tubes- the bunch cost me something stupid like fifty cents. Turns out the Westinghouses both tested out at 90 on the same tube tester, so I am taking them as a matched set. I have two amps (I own others, they...
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    NGD! Hagstrom D2F!

    Popped into Sam Ash before Christmas and found this lefty on the wall. Got it stupid cheap, even tho it was at a retailer. Greg at Atlanta Vintage Guitars (shameless plug) says the neck will never warp as it's got an I-beam or H-beam truss rod; I can set it action as low as I want. Some cool...
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    Does Anybody Have Enough Experience With Peavey Bandits To Comment on Reliability?

    I love Peavey Bandits for their reasonable tube-like sound and presumed SS reliability, and have recommended them fairly often- but really, I don't have long-term experience with them. I THINK they might be great for Studio101NOLA, as our work-horse rehearsal amp, if they are as reliable as I...
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    10,000 Watt Power Amp! Only 3 Rack Units, only 1,800 Watts Input! It's a MIRACLE!

    Audio Savings | GLI PRO 10,000 WATT POWER AMPLIFIER DJ STEREO RACK AMP :facepalm:
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    Accoustic Simulator (Boss AC-2) For Use With An ACCOUSTIC?

    I am not impressed with piezo pickups. More quack than an entire flock of ducks all playing Strats, INO. Oh, sure, you can tame a piezo (and probably a duck,) with the application of $500 worth of gear in the form of a purpose-built upper-end pre-amp/processor, but I don't have $500 to spend...
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    Guitar Shopping Experience With A Noob

    I went to GC with a friend who wanted advise on what guitar she might buy. Perhaps someone here might benefit from my experience. We spent a goodly amount of time there (enough to have to politely ward off employees no less than four times) and the one she liked the most was a $329 parlor...
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    Know Anything About Sonetic or Pyramid Power Amps? needs a live sound forum... Scored a 1-15 powered sub a while back, very cheap, b/c the power amp was blown. I'm looking for a 500-watt or better amp to drive it- plate mount like what was there would be nice, but almost impossible to find, used. So, rack mount it will...
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    Five Dollar Strat

    Picked up a Squire strat at a garage sale. Five bux. Nothing wrong with it, functionally- the kid has spray-painted the top- with pick guard, bridge, EVERYTING, still in place, with red oxide primer. Some Urethane bumper paint stripper and steel wool took it off; buffing with my high-speed...
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    Roland VS=880 Still Viable?

    Am looking at a set of drums, and a VS-880 comes with. Have no real use for it- I have a Zoom R-16 and my son is WAY beyond this. Seems they date back to 1997, and don't sell for much- under $150- these days. Are they still viable? Does anybody still use/like them, can I sell it easily if I...
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    What To Do with a Toasted BP200 Pedal?

    I got one at a garage sale- free. Worth what I paid for it- turns out one of the transistors is so toasted it left a brown smear on the inside of the case. My tech tells me it's not worth repairing, and Digitech wants something obscene like $60 to fix it. Yeah, right. Whatever. But I think...
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    Post Up About Your Favorite Personal Dumpster Dive Find

    The post about a SANO tube amp find inspired me- post here about what YOU scored, free, just for going through someone's trash. My favorite is a Harmony tenor guitar. In the dumpster of a thrift...
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    Reliability of Some SS Amps: 3 Fenders, 1 Line 6, 1 Carvin, 2 Peaveys, 2 GK's

    Thinning the herd at Studio101nola. We are WELL fixed for amps with great tone- recent stroke of luck took care of that- these are simply work-horses- all of them make decent enough tone and power, but reliability is something we can't be sure of- neither DJ nor I have enough experience with...
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    Did Anyone Else Think That 4 Guitarist Could Play Through ONE Amp?

    Back in the day, Fender (others, too) had two separate input channels, each with two input plugs. We (my high school garage band mates and I) thought that was so up to four (or at least, two) guitarist could play through one amp. No one does that, these days, but I wonder- was that part of the...
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    NGD: Vintage Gibson SG

    Scored this one at a garage sale. Not gonna say what I paid for it, so don't ask. Suffice to say, I am a man of modest means, these days. Some inconsistencies- S/N says it's a '61 (according to a SN resource on-line, it was first made in '59,) but truss rod cover does not have "Les Paul"...
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    What Home Video Should Look Like- Julia Nunes

    Not mine- I had nothing to do with it, just found it via NPR. But I LOVE this girl- so cute, so genuine. I esp. love the way her nostrils flare out at about 3:45. Julia Nunes: Homesick Anthems Spawn An Internet Star : NPR
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    Tentelometer Business Opportunity?

    This thread has me thinking... If the company is closing due to BOTH lack of demand AND failing health of the owner, is there enough demand for someone to pick up the mantel? I might be interested if the...
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    Kids Rubbin' Elbows With Rich, Kruppa, Morello and Roach- How Cool!

    Click on a page to see it bigger... Vintage Snare Drums online Ludwig, Slingerland, Leedy, Camco, Gretsch, Sonor