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  1. Massive Master

    THIS applies to EVERYONE

    And maybe you've seen it before. But I read a lot of posts (not just here) that have issues with "flat" sounding mixes. This is just an "intro" video to a much deeper concept - and this is why studios put so much effort into their space - and this is why mic'ing everything from a foot away...
  2. Massive Master

    EMI / EMF / RFI radiation problems...? Wasn't expecting this...

    Didn't really know where to post this so I figured this was the best place. So I'd imagine most here know that I'm a mastering guy. I'm also a long-time radio enthusiast with various band licenses going all the way back to the 11m Citizen's Band back when you needed a license for that band...
  3. Massive Master

    Raw tracks for mixing practice.

    I'm sure it's been posted somewhere before, but: Multitracks - TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik Some months back, I had to put together a "mixing boot camp" for a crew of theatre technicians. Stumbled across this source of raw tracks. As someone who has worked on several recordings done at...
  4. Massive Master

    A favor of sorts -- Need a recorded drum-check.

    Long story, but I have to do a "basics course" of sorts for a small cadre of theatre technicians. I have a decent selection of multi-track stuff to work with (which I'll have to abbreviate due to only having 8 outputs at my disposal). What I don't have - and which is rather crucial in most...
  5. Massive Master

    Recording Levels -- a.k.a. PROPER recording levels

    I suppose this would be the place to drop this off. Gets circulated enough... Proper Audio Recording Levels | The Rants and Ravings of an Audio Mastering Engineer
  6. Massive Master

    FS: API 5500 Dual Channel EQ -

    Basically mint condition, stepped controls, API 550-type hybrid EQ. Can't say much that hasn't been said. $2,000 and I'll throw in shipping (lower 48). No PayPal fees or what not either (although I wouldn't argue if you came over with a stack of cash). PM OR E-MAIL (or call - You know...
  7. Massive Master

    So, Tyler Lashbrook stopped by yesterday...

    And lookie what he brung' me... After 10 of the longest weeks of waiting I've ever had, the Decade Series D1's are in. Busy breaking 'em in now...
  8. Massive Master

    Hell yeah - Finally a MASTERING FORUM?!?

    Where people can ask questions about mixing...? :spank: Seriously though... Nice. :D Gotta start practicing - Here - This might come in handy at some point:
  9. Massive Master

    More FRAUD, featuring MY GEAR LIST...

    I'm getting sooo tired of this... And I hate using the forums as a soap-box, but this one's worth it... "Shed Studio Mastering" - He doesn't even have a real site - One of those free-host sites. But strangely enough my *exact* gear list (except instead of just having a UAD Fairchild, he...
  10. Massive Master

    Massive's Chopping Block - Use that tax refund!

    Stimulate the economy by buying some of my old gear! Aphex 320A, 722 D2, DBX Quantum II, Toft ATC2, Scandyna MiniPods, Honda Shadow Sabre VT1100C2 (well, why leave that out?). A few more various items there and a few more to be added soon...
  11. Massive Master

    Bryston 4B Power Amplifier - $800 *including U.S. shipping*

    Bryston 4B Power Amplifier - $800 *including U.S. shipping* More info, some photos at Replies or questions to would be preferred to PM's...
  12. Massive Master

    OT: My new room is finally done...

    Actually has been for a couple weeks. Photos here: The lighting is actually really cool - But it totally screws up the depth perception in the photos... One of these days, I'll get someone in here that knows what they're doing with a...
  13. Massive Master

    Bowers and Wilkins (B&W) 800 Series - Matrix 802 S3's

    Chicago are pickup preferred but would consider shipping - $2,000 Firm (plus shipping if that's what it comes down to). Details & photos: master AT massivemastering DOT com
  14. Massive Master

    Studio Workstation Desk - Chicago area P/U only

    FrankenDesk is up on the block - Info here: Feel free to call (630.237.4393) or e-mail (master AT massivemastering DOT com)
  15. Massive Master

    OT: My Crane Song Adventure!

    I know it's somewhat overdue, but the photos from my CRANE SONG ADVENTURE Trip are finally up!
  16. Massive Master

    GML 8200 - Series One w/power supply Only $3100 SHIPPED in the U.S.
  17. Massive Master

    For the "I only have crappy gear" crowd...

    I'm putting this one on a few forums, as I think it's something that really needs to be addressed. It was inspired by an MP3 I heard on an audio forum - A track by a guy with crappy, outdated 16-bit digital gear with old converters and cheap microphones - but really good core sounds. A nice...
  18. Massive Master

    FS: Orban 642B Parametric EQ / Notch filter (black face model)

    As much as it pains me to do so, I've decided that it's time to wish my Orban 642B good-bye. I thought I'd toss it up here first before it goes to e-bay... This is the black-face model (a.k.a. "the nice one") with the mega-quiet op-amps and factory balanced I/O. Very musical, recently...
  19. Massive Master

    OT - The slow march of room evolution...

    Finally got the carpeting and lighting installed. DAW, sub... All stuff you can't really see in this new photo. :eek: But dammit, it's done. Nothing else for this room. Not this week, anyway... :rolleyes:
  20. Massive Master

    Nuendo 2 (Unregistered, in box, etc.)

    Nuendo 2 (Unregistered, in box, etc.) $650 shipped anywhere in the U.S. Box, manuals, dongle, discs (PC/Mac), latest upgrades also on CD-R. Grab it up just in time for the N3 upgrade due out soon. e-mail me - master AT massivemastering DOT com