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  1. arcadeko

    Getting orange distortion tone from my Blackstar HT-40?

    Whats up peeps, been a while :) I have been checking out Orange amps and the harmonic distortion with the gain cranked up is just sick and I'm really wanting to get that sound. If you have an Orange amp or have played them you know what I am talking about, even with single notes it gets so...
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    These guys kill me
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    Vocal Dilemma - SOL

    So.. I moved from my house into an apartment and I have neighbors in all directions. I don't think the walls are too thin, haven't heard any talking, just footsteps and pipes and stuff, but I'm sure they are not sound proof so I think I am stuck and no longer able to record vocals any more. I...
  4. arcadeko

    Printed 3D Guitar

    Check out this crazy guitar. Cubify - Express Yourself in 3D
  5. arcadeko

    New Rep Point Thread.

    I read many many pages once when I was incredibly bored... It didn't help
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    Gotta keep it in check
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    Hey ho, So I'm getting settled in my new pad. Found a one bedroom with an office so I have an almost working studio up and running, nothing like the former glory of my dedicated man cave, but it's almost functional. I have already set up 2 different layouts and I am about to move everything...
  8. arcadeko

    Atlanta PA Monitors / Speakers 100Watt 15"

    PA Speakers / monitors PAIR like new 100wt 15" Passive PRO Formance 15" PRO15ML 100 watt RMS (200 Peak) 8 Ohm I used these for home studio monitors, they are in excellent condition. Can be used as floor monitors or on stands for PA/ DJ speakers. If the ad is up I have them - no trades...
  9. arcadeko

    ATLANTA: Entire Studio worth of Bass Traps! Superchunks, Gobos, Wall Hangers $500 OBO

    2 Years old, kept in smoke free recording studio. Moving across the country and it's too expensive to ship them, closing down the studio. I'm 20 minutes north of Atlanta - come get em :) 4 Corner Super Chunk Traps (4' x 24" x 12" x 6") Will do two corners floor to ceiling (8 feet stacked) 2...
  10. arcadeko

    New Rep Point Thread.

    I have to go in this week to have a root canal re-done. Yipee. Maybe the mind numbing, eardrum crushing, thought blinding headaches will go away? They seem to think so. I told them just pull it, I don't want a $1300 root canal, dentist said it was a bad idea cause the tooth above it would fall...
  11. arcadeko

    Is there a mixing app where I can post a guitar track, then invite a bassplayer

    to add a bass track, and a drummer add a drum track and then mix it all down into a song. Emailing WAV files is too one-way and slow - I want a collaborative system does this exists?
  12. arcadeko

    New Song: Empty Hole

    I'm a busy beaver
  13. arcadeko

    New Mix: Spaces In Between

    Kind of a bluesy rock and roll retro cluster f*k mix 2 mix 1 :guitar:
  14. arcadeko

    First Mix: StraightJacket

    Been away for a month - this is my first mix since I got back Mix 2 - re-tracked chorus 1st mix
  15. arcadeko

    Screw it, I'm moving to Oakland CA

    So I went to Oakland for a month visiting some friends, just got back last week. Anyway... My income is going to take a huge dive beginning January 1st so I am selling my house and (almost) everything I own, throwing the animals in the car and moving to Oakland. It's going to be a bit of a...
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    I'm letting mine go, get a new one when I reach the coast... 2003 Honda Shadow 600 VLX 8900 miles Black
  17. arcadeko

    Vocal record request

    Yeah but we all got to hear it again and it was still awesome. I just started thinking though - his thing doesn't make any sense. The original Apple commercial made sense, because of the book 1984... What exactly is this supposed to refer to? The Mayan Apocalypse? :confused:
  18. arcadeko

    Where are you located

    Where do you want to go today? Centralia, Pennsylvania Centralia, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Times Beach, Missouri Times Beach, Missouri - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Pripyat, Ukraine Prypiat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  19. arcadeko

    New Song: Rise

    And now for something completely different. EDIT: Sorry I must have been drunk when I uploaded that first mix Here is one a little better with the bass and vocals adjusted and the original lead vox back in.
  20. arcadeko

    New Song: Dirt

    Haven't posted anything in a while, been playing a lot but just recording rehearsals and haven't been doing much mixing. This is a song we been working on and I finally took it and did some mixing. It's a little different from my usual stuff. hit me...