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  1. SteveAlton

    Recorded on Tascam DP24 & mixed on Studio One 4

    I still record on my 11 year old TASCAM DP24. But I am now mixing on Studio One 4...Can't believe I used to mix manually on that Digital Portastudio...Here's what I came up with
  2. SteveAlton

    TASCAM DP24...Song release...

    Taken down
  3. SteveAlton


    I have the original DP24 & came up on a "DP24SD with no power supply...Sitting in my Girlfriends garage (Her ex left it) My cord doesn't fit...It's too tight... I wanna make sure I get the right replacement online...Is the only option this $49 PS-P1220E AC adapter ? Just don't wanna get the...
  4. SteveAlton

    I give my life to You

    All recorded on a TASCAM DP24...Mixed on Pro Tools "I give my life to You" - SOUNDCLOUD Surrounded by Glory Sent from above In the Holy of Holies I’m lost in Your love Heavenly fire Glows deep inside me A burning desire To lay at Your feet Lord I give my life to You I dedicate my heart to...
  5. SteveAlton

    NEED INPUT: Going from Original TASCAM DP24 to W/MIDI to TASCAM DP32sd W/USB (MIDI)?

    I have one if the first TASCAM DP24 300 units sold and it is on it's last legs. My ONLY concern is I use MIDI with my keyboard workstation KORG is an integral part of my process. Does USB/MIDI work fine on these units as far as syncing? I have held to this unit bcause of MIDI...
  6. SteveAlton

    Song put to VIDEO done ENTIRELY on TASCAM DP24

    Entire song is done on the TASCAM DP24....NO DAW on this song AT ALL
  7. SteveAlton

    "Cry of the Young" VIDEO

    A quick little "maybe" news. I have placed this on YOUTUBE & only showed this to a few forums, friends, & FB. I just got an inbox on FB from an A & R Director who saw the vid & heard the song. I know her on a casual basis, & she knows a little of my "Country Music" work, but we don't have an...
  8. SteveAlton


    So a few channels are sketchy and recording lights stick but the unit is workable ...UNTIL NOW NO UNDO... That means my playing chops have to be like perfect...The recording process is now WAYYYYYYY more pressure filled... All I can think of is a FACTORY RESET or INITIALIZE...But in the...
  9. SteveAlton

    First Love, Last Love (FIRST MIX)

    I may add some of my own BGV's on top of hers...While I'm mulling that over I need thoughts on the MIX. All thoughts are welcome Thanks First Love Last Love by Steve Altonian | Free Listening on SoundCloud
  10. SteveAlton

    FINAL VERSION? The Credit Cowboy Radio VO & Jingle

    VERSION 2....So I got 1 more day to get this finished product into the Radio Station...Made a few changes in script & speed and it is now in Pro Tools to automate. As per popular opinion dumped the ya'll come back now ya hear line....Brought up intro & Outro More concerned with levels at this...
  11. SteveAlton

    NEED FEEDBACK FAST: Ask The Credit Cowboy Jingle & Radio Commercial

    NOTE: I need serious input here and quickly. Hopefully I get some quick responses here because I am on a deadline of having this completed before the Holiday weekend is up..So if you listen to this ALL THOUGHTS ARE WELCOME. Though I am a Country Artist, I am also known throughout the nation as...
  12. SteveAlton

    "First love, last love" (Work tape/track)

    First love, last love by Steve Altonian | Free Listening on SoundCloud Acoustic/Vocal/BGV's to see where the tune is at.....This will be recorded with my usual studio guys in Nashville...Genre will be Country. But before we go there I want input on the song itself....All comments are welcome...
  13. SteveAlton

    Loves Fool- Written in under an hour today or did I?

    So I wrote this in under an hour today. Fact is I have lived this the last 15 months. So maybe it really took over a year I laid an Acoustic Guitar/VoX/BGV track to see what I should do or don't do with it at a later date & with bells and whistles All thoughts welcome...
  14. SteveAlton

    Merry Christmas to me: Neumann TLM49 & UA Solo 610 Tube Preamp combo----thoughts?

    Spur of the moment purchase. I am an impulse buyer, & made the decision in less than 24 hours. Budget was $2700....Merry Christmas to me Mainly for VOX, but I also have a couple of Acoustic Guitars I record....The amazing thing is I am a vocalist first, & I have been using a $299 mic for 6...
  15. SteveAlton

    Need input on Original Jingle--"Ask The Credit Cowboy"...

    A short Jingle "Ask The Credit Cowboy" I wrote for my business. I have a plan, so here goes... I work at Credit Law Solutions here in Los Angeles. I do Credit Repair & my handle/nick-name is "The Credit Cowboy" (Every 6 weeks or so I am on GO COUNTRY RADIO 105 FM- Los Angeles as the Credit...
  16. SteveAlton

    I give my life to You

    Recorded on my TASCAM DP24 digital 24 track versus using Pro Tools. I've always used just the Audio Technica 4040 solo for acoustic, but bought a Neumann KMS 105 for live vocals.....Experimented with dual condensers on my new tune. The large diaphragm Audio Technica is set 6" away from...
  17. SteveAlton

    Thoughts on the Neumann KMS 105

    Just purchased this new Mic to pair with my new just ordered Allen & Heath QU 24 Chrome Edition....Thoughts?
  18. SteveAlton

    Raven MTi2....Thoughts anyone?

    Been looking at adding the Allen & Heath Digital Mixer QU24, but I understand it is not fully integrateable with PT....I have all the gear for Pro Tools, Mac Book Pro, Scarlett 18i20, but I simply don't like using a mouse all day long..... Called Sweetwwater and the rep mentioned this...
  19. SteveAlton

    First Mix for Compilation CD....

    Hey all, I have a tune that made the Whetstone Project CD. Would like some thoughts on the mix before sending it in to the project for Mastering. BTW the mix tops out at -2.5 Db.....