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    Radio Microphones

    Anybody have any experience of these Rode type remote/radio mics? Are they worth the cash or best stick with a lapel mic and a recorder in your pocket?
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    Films - Good or Bad

    I had better do this then because Mick's gone AWOL. Films/Movies recommended or not recommended to watch. VERY GOOD FILM Watched a good one the other night on Netflix (rare). It will make you jump is all I will say............ 'Drag Me To Hell' 2009.
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    Bass & Treble In Windows

    Does anybody know how to alter the bass & treble on Windows 10? I have some Fluid Audio speakers/monitors and in some cases I find them very bassy. But in Windows I can't find anyway of altering the sound. Or does all depend on your motherboard? My motherboard is a Tuf Gaming X570 plus wifi...
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    Anybody Here Make Cheese?

    I find watching how cheese is made quite interesting. I am puzzled why anybody would have originally bothered to do the things they do to cheese to make the different varieties............and then eat something that is obviously in a state of decay. Anybody?
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    Am I the only one who thinks that Adele cannot sing? Her last record reminds me of as if Zed McGlunk was singing it. Just my thoughts. Correction........ Is she as good as the hype?
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    Settings Wrong Need Help

    I just spent all afternoon editing a recording of the sea. The recording was ok up until I edited it or rendered it. I had to cut out many spoilt parts and then joined them together and everything sounded perfect. Then I rendered it as a stereo wave file and all these peaks which clip/click...
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    Where You Stick It Makes A Hell Of A Difference

    A few months back we decided to have a change around in our little studio. The mic which is on a boom arm had been used in an upright position. But because of extra pc monitors and where we had them placed to read from, we inverted the microphone to make reading from the monitors easier. So...
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    I Heard It On The Radio

    Ever hear an oldie all but forgotten about on the radio when driving a long and then dig it out of Youtube later? Put them here. Anybody remember this band/singers who had some really well known ones back in the day. But this is what was on the radio which made me dig them out.
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    This And Your Short time In History Is Now Coming To An End

    Teenagers did mostly as their parents did until 'Rock&Roll' came about in the 1950's. Then teenagers and even younger had something to associate their age groups with. As the generations grew up into adults, the music was passed down as it was played on radios and home music devices by...
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    Small Professional Vocal Studio Interface

    Universal Audio or Audient.................which would have the best pre-amps and sound quality to be used with a quality mic?
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    Strange Noise

    I am hearing strange noises in recordings or going nuts. Can anybody identify this flutter in the background. A bit like a butterflies wings.
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    Clickity Click

    In studio there are two monitor screens. One to read off and one for reaper. On recordings there are occasional clicks which after lots of isolating was put down to one Ben* monitor. So a quick trip to shop for another monitor replacement. This Len*v* monitor does same and clicks even more...
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    Musical Things You Remember From The Day But Now Forgotten

    The Beatles .... There was another person who played with them known as the 5th Beatle. Billy Preston the keyboard player/songwriter/vocalist. You can see him and hear him at 1.00 in their last live play.
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    I am becoming obsessed with this but what causes a faint low background hum on a recording that IS NOT present when recording takes place? We have isolated sounds that bleed into the sound booth etc which are at -60 and below. But on playback behind the voice there is that hum which needs to...
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    System Hum & Voice Pick-up

    sorted thanks
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    Cutting/Deleting In Reaper

    Sorry my single brain cell is getting slower so please ignore...................Where has delete gone mods?
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    Zoom F6

    Has anybody out there got any experience of the Zoom F6 sound recorder? I was wondering how quiet they thought the pre-amps are on this device?
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    Stereo Shotgun Microphones

    I was talking with someone regards recording outdoors. They said my Rode Ngt2 would be better replaced with a stereo shotgun mic for recording things like cars to give the stereo speaker effect. I had never thought anything about this before or even knew that there were stereo shotgun mics...
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    Flutes .... Whistles .... Uilleann Pipes ... Even A Violin/Fiddle

    A long shot but does anyone play the above instruments well on Home Recordings? Interested in old Irish traditional music. Not fiddlydee stuff. Cheers
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    Noise Floor of Studio/Vocal Booth

    Recently I installed an extraction unit in a vocal booth. I ran this through a silencing system which works brilliantly and then added a speed controller. The result is the quietiest of 'ssssshhhhh's in the booth. Barely audible but I was concerned that it could be picked up on the mic. The...