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    No Help At All - IRC USM

    No Help At All - IRC USM is the latest song from one of my "bands". I've made sure to not squish the mix at all and leave it pretty dynamic so that I can leave some room for mastering in the end. Let me know what you think. Thanks.
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    Recently had a nice little snow storm...

    Which may have played a role in the lyrical content... just looking to get a few listens to hear some people's thoughts... Happy Holidays. IRC USM - Another Mystery Solved by Ujn Hunter & Friends | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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    Covid Quarantine Cover - Radiohead's Myxomatosis

    Back in with some more cover song fun... this time my buddy Signboy picked up the Drum/Bass duties as well as picking out a song for us to re-create. So here is what we've attempted to create as a less sleepy version of Radiohead's Myxomatosis. Figuring out and covering songs is pretty fun, and...
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    Covid Quarantine Cover - David Bowie's Kooks

    Taking a little inspiration from stratmonkee with my Thread Title here. This was a song that my buddy (Mike Lamb) and I whipped together on short notice as a replacement gift in an annual "Gift Of Music" song fight... he's on a Nashville strung acoustic guitar and I've done the rest... it's a...
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    The Dregs (Down at the Bottom)

    First time ever posting anything here for critique... it's just something I'd been working on this past week and finally uploaded it last night. It was supposed to be an entry for this past weeks Song Fight!, but I didn't finish it in time due to technical difficulties, so I figured I'd post it...